Thursday, 3 December 2009

We Divorced Because of a game

Japan has done it again! Not to be bad or anything but "I" was just waiting for
this to happen. A man ended his marriage! All thanks to a virtual schoolgirl sim

Love Plus, has explained the devastating effect Nene (the virtual character)
had on his relationship with his now! X-wife.

This is how he describes the end! Of his marriage under the influence of Nene:

I did write that I divorced, but we haven’t actually filed the papers,
rather I just returned to my family home.

I’m a 29-year-old systems engineer, with no children and a 28-year-old
wife. It seems exaggerated to say Love Plus is to blame, but still it went
like this:

* I kept coming home late every night.
* My wife became enraged.
* I said "Rather than you I think I’d much rather be welcomed home
kindly by Nene-san!"
* Marriage ends.

After I said it, I thought "I’ve done it now," but my wife was already
looking at me like I was dirt, with a "this guy’s no good" look in her eyes.

He then has the freaking! Nerve to likens his wife’s expression to "how Taiga looked
at Ami in the fifth episode of Toradora!"
DAMN! Certainly a telling description in
more ways than 1 "I" suppose.

He later describes on how he narrowly managed to reconcile matters with his wife,
& presumably Nene as well.

Thus! "We" the homosapiens witness the beginning of the end! This is just the 1st of
many warnings to come. Soon we will have the perfect lovers in our grasps, they will be

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KimberlyMay said...

ugh... that sucks... people can't differentiate reality and virtual anymore

"I" the writer said...

In a crazy world like this, it was bound to happen ;) Especially to a gaming geek hahaha