Saturday, 12 December 2009

60% of Japanese Women "Turning Into Men"

DAMN! No need to wait for 2012 for world's end. Our world has already gone "loco"!
(mad in Spanish) 60% of Japanese women were questioned in a recent survey report
"turning into men"
, with 70% reporting "there are men more feminine than I am around
& 94% "I’d like to become more womanly". This is all the freaking proof "I" need!
As "I" have been saying to my X-co worker, "All innocent females are in the verge of

The survey, covering unmarried Japanese women aged 25-35, also found some
other vaguely masculine traits, with 32% at times wanting "a wife or secretary"
themselves, & 42% liking to drink alone. DAMN! Shocking!

Even more tellingly, 69% said they were conscious of being insufficiently womanly.

Just how this can be reconciled with a male population apparently displaying the
opposite tendency is not clear…

& there "I" the "so called" writer thought that all Japanese woman are cute...
My fantasy has caught up the best of me, now! Will all Japanese females "henshin"
from this...

Into this!? Kamei Cho Henshin!

This is 1 of the signs of Earth's Apocalypse!


Jennifer C said...

I am starting to worry if practicing Brazilian Jujitsu will turn me into the muscular lady as per your post... scared!

"I" the writer said...

Dont worry Jenn, Martial arts cant really bulge your muscles. Just a way to keep fit & slim plus! A self defense tool to keep away idiot guy who try to mess with ya ;)

conan_cat said...

oh god, now that's pretty shocking xD well they wanted gender equality, now you have it! women are getting more and more men traits xD

"I" the writer said...

That so true dude, maybe next, we will see the 1st ever Woman President in the US ;)