Friday, 18 December 2009

Bras: Men Form

This ain't no hoax dawg! This is the real shiet! Or in our Malaysian national language,
ini adalah tahi yang sebernar!

This! Is the hottest freaking product on online mall Rakuten! Well in fact now in the
top ranking for male underwear, is the brassiere for men! Shocking!

It all started with this statement, "Why aren’t there any bras for men?"

WHY! WHY! Cause its freakin' unnecessary! But then again, some peeps need it.

The translation to the Ad above,
"Men’s bodies are different from those of women, so a rethinking was required.
Materials, design, and even the feeling… Of course, there’s no need, but…

It’s gentle & relaxing; those feelings should be important.

But I’m a man!” Even with someone like you, we’d like for you to experience
that gentleness."

"I" shall add on, DAMN!

So men! If you want to buy this bra or brassieres for your own private purpose,
here is how to choose 1 that is perfect for you.

Point 1! Choice of materials.
We’ve selected the same material used in men's shorts. Soft & stretchable, a
good fit is assured.

Point 2! Freedom of fit.
We’ve employed the "spectacles" design of bra front. The bra can freely move
with your chest. Also, you can freely adjust the position of the bra.

Point 3! Relaxation.
"Unlike ladies" brassieres, the straps are soft and gentle. Rather than a
"bust up" effect, we stress relaxation.

Point 4! Adjustable volume.
There’s an internal pocket for padding! If you need more volume,
just slip in a pad!

"With this, you can experience “men’s love”. Men want to experience the feelings
of women! Your body is that of a man, but you feel like a boy maiden! You want to
experience those soothing feelings♪ You need chest support! They might be all sorts
of reasons, but gentleness is what you desire most."

Now "you" the Bra-Man can go online & get your very own! In 3 freaking'ly cool
So what cup size are you?

Japan has already acknowledge this! Its a screen shot from a freakin' Ad dawg!
An Ad for men bras!

PLUS! "I" the writer wrote jokes!
1) So girls, when you go back to your mans place & find a bra, dont go freaky
on his @$$. He isn't cheating on you with small boob gal, he now wears a bra
stress relaxation.
2) Now couples can remove each others bras before doin' it. Gays & lesbians
& straights alike.
3) If "they" the bullies found out that "you" the bra wearer wore this, good luck on
life dude!
4) If your girlfriend has small boobs, you can share bras if yours are not dried yet.
5) With this, a man will never lose his car keys. Meaning, it can be used as a pocket.
6) Remember guys, sleeping with a bra can cause cancer. Its damn true!
7) Guy ask "Can I have a push-up bra please"
Guy ask "I think my size is a B"
9) Have a bottle of whiskey & no cup? Guess again!
10) Guy asked his unemployed friend "Did you show your cleavage in the interview?"

DAMN! This is the fun'est blog post "I" ever wrote!


elynn-p said...

@_@ aiyoyo...what has happened to the world???

"I" the writer said...

We live in the modern day of freakishness, girl said that what ever men do they can do too. Im guessing guys are thinking of the same thing ;)

Kelvin said...

Men's getting pregnant soon.

"I" the writer said...

If that happens, "I" wonder which hole will the baby come out from...

Dylan Phuah said...

wtf! is this for real?

"I" the writer said...

As real as the night sky dude

Julya said...

You and your girlfriend can always shop for bras together now.

"I" the writer said...

Plus both can use the matching bra on a special occasion! hahahahaa!