Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The All-New Webslinger

Yo! "I" is back! Nope, "I" have not been shot dead or run down by an old lady, but just busy with "stuff" & continue to be busy with "stuff", this is just a drop by, a way of dropping by the old place.
It's been a few months now, as you all nerds "slash" geeks "slash" otakus may know, 
in the "Ultimate" universe, it's Peter Parker is dead! Yea! You read me! DEAD! for 
those for you who still cent get the full "picture" in your skull, here's a picture!

So far so good? Clear!? WHAT?! No!? "You" the reader still aint down with that?
Ok bub', here's him meeting his Uncle Ben, boo ya! Now you cant deny that right?

Ok, now you cant deny the facts, I have written about it & visually feed you the truth, 
so you can stop goin' to wiki or google'ing about it, come back to reality & face the facts!  
SHIT HAPPENS! Move on, live a life. 

Knowin' the Ultimate part of the Marvel universe, who ever dies, stays dead!  
Nuff' Said!

But will Spider-Man stay dead? Nope! Never! He is a symbol of hope & his cowl will surely 
be passed on, but to who? Ben "the spider-clone" Reilly? Well, that's what "I" thought, 
but no, it would be passed on to the most unlikely homosapien ever! Enter Miles Morales, 
a 13-year old school kid, half African American and half Puerto Rican, and is the new 
So, in "short" he is your average cartoon watching, having trouble speaking with girls, 
living with his "normal" parents kinda pre-teen. Yea! "I" am pretty much amaze how the
great Bendis came up with this stuff, he has dove into a new-non white-colored-normal life-happy with his mum are cooking him dinner-friend who plays lego Spidey, how could 
this be!? At 1st, "I" accepted the fact that "I" am dealing with the Ultimate universe, 
where anything is possible, 2nd, it's Bendis, he made a name doin' the original Ultimate 
Spider-Man and thus! Creating the whole Ultimate universe, so "I" swallowed a "chill pill",
cause "I" simply adored Peter Parker, and he is kinda my "mentor" in life, yeap, "I" am 
that much of a fan-boy...let's see how great of a story teller you are! Mr.Bendis, 
with your all new Spider-BOY!

Well, in short, "I" was put to shame! Shame "I" say! SHAME!!!

The writing is awesome. This is Bendis's character, he knows it and it shows. Living 
without dead parents is like a kid goin' to McD and getting his "Happy Meal Toy", it's 
like a guy touching a girl's boob for the 1st time, it's like a girl getting all worked up 
about a new pair of shoes, it's a breath of fresh "freaking" air! Bendis bring me to a 
world where life is easy going, a "normal" day at any home, well that's until you get 
bitten by a genetically altered spider! Could that definitely "F" up your life!? 

For Miles at 1st yeah, he felt like a mutant! A freak! That would be rejected by the 
public or worst still, his own parents, oh! by rejecting himself, the web of fate has 
other plans for this kid, he literally saw Peter Parker die in-front of his eyes! And guess 
what!? He blamed himself for Pete's death. This is his how he was goin' to honor Peter, 
making it his business to take up the mantle of Spider-Man, beating up the bad guys & 
make sure he upholds his responsibility as the new Spider-Man, for "With great power 
comes great responsibility."

"I" am on issue 8, "I" gotta say, loving it! and will continue to love it! Sling away Miles!
Swing your way to being a better Web-head! 

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Infographic: The anatomy of an agency

From the creator, The Big Orange Slide, this is as true as it gets! But some-how
think that its the "small" people that makes the BIG people look good.
HORROR flash back!

PLUS! "My" Sakae cup!
So its been a few months since "I" left Sakae Sushi, but! my legacy is left behind.
My design for the new Sakae cup is out! Finally!

BONUS! Ultraman Saga
In conjunction of its 45th Anniversary, the franchise celebrates a coming
of a new Ultraman! Ultraman Saga! He must team up with Zero, Dyna &
Cosmos to restore peace to Earth, that's being invaded with a mysterious
race of monsters.

Ultraman Saga will make his debut next March 24th, thus! on the download
stage 6 months later!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!