Saturday, 29 November 2008

Hear Him Roar!

Wolverine Strikes a Pose for Empire magazine! Trailer will be on 12th Dec!

STAR TREK Trailer (With Additional Footage)

quote of the day -
[to Bella] You are my life now.
-Twilight- Edward Cullen

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Updates at your Web "step"

Good Morning! Yet another week has gone by and "I" the writer has kept my promise, "I" the
writer has updated my WWW even though "I" the writer was busy at my so called "dream job".
Day in and day out the job has gotten me so stressed. "The Boss" keeps creeping up my veins
and just wanting to burst my bubble. My dear friend "gunblade99" said that "I" the writer should
keep it cool and endure the pain till a new dawn arises. The new dawn will arise! For "I" the
writer hopes that opportunity will come to me during the new year. The Phoenix within me will
rise for that new opportunity. "I" the writer cant wait for it to make its pit stop at my life line.
"I" the writer does not want to be like the "small brat" Jeremy who changes his jobs like girls
changes pad! "I" the writer will be different! And dares to think out of the universe. Being
normal is so boring.

Hey! Hey! Hey! What the F++K! Expressing my feelings? Ahhh! this job has made me a spoil
rich "Paris"! Enough!

Here are the this week's updates.

Dragon Ball : Live Action
-Movie Stills

Note : Dragon Ball Animation is UP & Running. You can see it on youtube.

Watchmen New Trailer

Transformers 2 : Soundwave Figure! OH! UH! The movie looks like 10 thumbs up


quote of the day -
She's fabulous, but she's evil.
-Mean Girls- Damian