Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Christmas Families

It's that time of year of jolly'ness, the time where giving is better then receiving.
A time to dance around the Christmas tree with family & friends alike. An evening
with a table full of food while exchanging stories with humorous intent.

In every family there is a unique way they celebrate Christmas, the spirit of joy
may not be in all but Christmas is the only time where they try to make the best
of everything.

The Unique Individual

A person which really sticks out from the rest, a toy out of the box so to speak.
Others look at this person strange & kinda complains, "why cant you be like the rest
your cousins?, your setting a bad example" says the Aunt. The season of family
gathering turns into a time of being lectured by relatives who wants to put that
person "in a straight line". In the end, that aunt still gives 1 of the best gift
to that person despite her "bad mouth".

The Joke Factory

Even though they are not on the same page, these people put aside their difference
& quarrels, just for the joy of Christmas. They sit around the table laughing at each
others jokes & get teased by others. Some are even a stand up comedian this time of
year. The laughter is unstoppable, for this is the only time of year where families have
their fun.

The Peace & Harmony

This family enjoys the quiet times, where the grown ups indulge on a cup of coffee
& toddlers gets excited with their new toys for Santa. Just this 1 night of year,
everything is perfect as planed. The hassle of the normal days are behind them,
they just want to enjoy this perfect moment. This silent perfect night.

The Confrontation

Its Christmas but yet this family treats it like any other day, at 1st it may be like
a cat meets a mouse, they have thunder which needs to be lashed out to another
relative. Complaining & arguing among themselves but when that clock hits the stroke
of midnight, all is settled, they might still have that grudge but they cast it off
with a loving hug or a hand shake, for this is the time to forgive & be united.

The Deserted

An outcast to himself & others. This individual enjoys his day being alone, a quiet time
to enjoy his Christmas without the noise of family & friends. Others may still want him
there but he just refuse to enjoy the true joy of others. He would rather sit at home
& enjoy a nice Christmas with his Home Theater System.

PLUS! Umbrella Sword
This is the shiet! Giving shade from the rain & from "bad" people.

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

quote of the day!
I'm not brave at all... I'm no leader goddammit. I'm more scared then anyone here.
I... I just want to make everything right. I want my *life back*!

-Phil Richman- Zombie High School

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