Saturday, 3 October 2009

Who need a real girl?

Yo! Looks like "I" the freakin' writer is back in the scene! OH! How much "I" miss
my world wide web! DAMN!
Its like being departed from a long lost love, now "I"
can use "you" my PC again for all my downloads!

Here's a dream come true for "us" geeks! DS's virtual schoolgirl relationship simulation
"Love Plus"
has sold over 100K copies, with a freaking high positive buzz! having
pushed sales on from the 45K copies sold in the first week & why you may ask?

Well for fans of the game are adamant about the worth of their virtual girlfriends that's
why, with "who needs real women when you have Love Plus" being a commonly heard
sentiment online. Others, "the normal square people" have branded it a "social poison",
saying it robs men of the opportunity to date real women by enthralling them with the
charms of a virtual relationship. YEAH! RIGHT! Dating is such an easy task now-a-days

The key aspect of the game differs from most "hentai" or normal dating simulators or
visual novels, much of its appeal is based on cultivating & maintaining a "relationship"
based on the games "real time clock" system, & on simple voice recognition, rather
than pursuing a set-piece story or chasing specific characters, plus! it seems this
element has successfully captured the hearts of many tens of thousands of roaring

Well this is cheaper than a real girlfriend & a bit more significant less risky than an
actual schoolgirl must also help…

In any case, with 100K copies sold the game is a MIND BLASTING! success for a dating
game, and sequels & ports seem inevitable.

Here's the trailer, "I" would get it if it was in English or "I" the writer has a DS....

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quote of the day!
Women. If it weren't for them, there'd be no civilization.
-Kuffs- George Kuffs

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