Friday, 14 March 2008

Boy Dies After Imitating Naruto in Sandbox

10 year old boy ended up in hospital and unfortunately died after
his little misadventure trying to recreate a scene from Naruto by
burying himself in a playground sandbox.

And that is why impressionable youths and children should have parents
guiding them when watching TV. Which makes me wonder, does Naruto has a
PG rating on it? Maybe next time, Naruto should come in during the commercial
break and say:
“Kids please do not try this at home. All these moves and ninjitsu
are dangerous and should only be attempted by professional animated trained ninjas”.

But then, it might just backfire since people tend to do whatever you tell them
not to. It's Superman incident all over again. Kids and their wild imagination...

Codey Porter was playing with five other children in a family friend’s backyard
when he reportedly asked them to bury him in a one-foot-deep sandbox from
his head to his chest. According to Porter’s half-brother whose three sons were
with Porter, the incident was an attempt to recreate the attacks used by the
fictional ninja from Naruto’s Village Hidden in the Sand.

Source: ANN
quote of the day -
[talking to Ellis] I always figured when I got older, God would sorta come
inta my life somehow. And he didn't. I don't blame him. If I was him I would
have the same opinion of me that he does.
-Ed Tom Bell- No Country For Old Men

Monday, 3 March 2008

ADAM'S APPLE by Josef Lee

A good and funny story for Mac users.

quote of the day -
[speaking to the priest] This girl's fit for a strait-jacket.
I mean she's fucked three ways to the weekend. But you know what, Father?
I dig it!
-Jeremy Grey- Wedding Crashers