Monday, 25 July 2011

Mini Wars

Here an awesomely cute miniatures of Lucas's Star Wars beloved characters,
designed by Raquelcree.

PLUS! Final Fantasy Type-0
The time "I" am sure Square's hits the Jackpot! The game looks as good as Crisis Core!
Or maybe better!? Its for the PSP & will be released on October 13th in Japan, so we
English users wait patiently for a few months more, to get our hands on this! DAMN!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!
After some absence for the SH FiguArts scene, Dragon Ball finally returns!
With Vegeta from Android Saga, being the Prince of the Saiyans, he is gonna
be a Tamashii Web Exclusive! So you know what that means? Limited Edition!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man

The leaked teaser is here! It may be a bootleg copy but non-the less, its filled
with awesome'ness! This trailer also un-masked the secrets to what may have
happen to Peter's parents, climaxing now!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A wonderful week indeed

Its been a week since my "being-born" day, & "I" must say, it was an eventful week,
as busy as "I" was with "stuff", my week was freaking exciting & full of "enchanting"
surprises! This is my short-story, "I" return!

The week began as usual, left my house at 9, work starts at 9, designing & attended
meetings till the sun ain't shining, a day as usual as a baby burping after a mouthful of
milk. Thus, "I" was still looking forward to Friday, not just everyone's favorite day on the
"weekday" but a day where "I" ride alone, but before that, on Tuesday, my friends threw
me a surprise party that wasn't very surprising. It was as transparent as an x-ray machine,
but non-the-less, it has been a long while since we gathered. Laughin' at the days past,
chat about our future ambitions, & teasing each other. The bizarre, weirdest place for us
to meet, A&W! A couple of grown-ass guys, gathering at A&W, drinking Root Beer float!
With my tall ass mates & me-self wearing "thug-like" apparel, coming in at 11pm, the
cashier called his other co-worker to just stand beside him. He must have been thinking,
"are we gonna get robed?" To my surprise! SS2's A&W is not 24 hours! So we took our
amusement some place else, a Chinese hawker store, & there they wished me happy
being-born day. A pat on the back, hand-shakes, & a couple of calls, was my opinion to
perfect peaceful start to my birthday. Being older, "I" simply didn't acknowledge that it
was my birthday, to me it was just another Wednesday.

Wednesday morning, my mum wished me, happy birthday, boy! With a motherly kiss & a hug.
She said, "later I will meet you for lunch at Tony Roma's", working in Boulevard offices, food
was never an issue, you can get any type food & any corner in The Gardens & Mid-Valley.
At my age, "I" was still kinda embarrass to go for lunch with my mum, but non-the-less, "I"
appreciate that she took time off work just to have lunch with me. As normal as a black guy
doin' jokes about white people, you are bound to get sms'es & phone calls for family & friends.
Some from as far as Australia, & as near as behind my cubicle, "I" really do treasure all those
who spend their time & money to give me a buzz.

Lunch time approached, goin for a healthy meal, in
Tony Roma's, my 1st time there, "I" felt
like a village boy in "freaking" McD. Looking at my surroundings, the price was sky high! "I"
asked my mum, don't you think the prices are a-bit over-priced, you can get a week's worth
of chicken rice for a steak. My mum replied, "Its ok, I will put it under my company", hearing
that statement, "I" ordered the most expensive meal with a premium drink that was as good
as winning the lottery! The meal was simply heavenly! Full like a pregnant lady, "I" had to
face reality & get my ass back to the office, as soon as "I" got back, work hit me! But lucky,
"I" had a chance to leave kinda "early", for my next appointment, still as full as a 9-month
pregnant lady, "I" still had to have my Pizza Hut, a tradition that was never cut loose since "I"
was 10! Hell yeah!

Thursday! My marketing pals got me a Transformer! They kinda forget my "kinda" birthday, so
this was an awesome present!

Night approached, got a call from my friend, "hey, lets go for a drink", my reaction, bring it
on! Changkat here "I" come! The only reason for calling me out, he wants me
to get my
very 1st "flaming" a traditional birthday drink for my group of mates. Since
"I" was on "leave"
the next day, our drinking fiesta lasted until the club's lights were
on, you know what that
means? You gotta get your as outta the club, & in a dilemma,
we went to the nearest hawker
stall for our next round of alcohol with some tasty fine
bak kut teh, Tiger has never tasted
better! The table opposite us, was a Korean bunch,they were playing a game or some sort,
which me & my friends were observing, thus intimated, it was really a fun time. Also, at 4 plus,
which "I' didn't know! Prostitutes walk the streets searching for customers! "I" was surprise!
didn't know Malaysia was this open-minded. "I" was like damn!

The day finally came! "I" was going to Sabah alone, my 1st time traveling all by myself. Why
Sabah? Well, "I" wanted to get away from it all for a while, wanted some fresh air. You could
call this my lil' run away weekend. Just me & my friend hanging out.

Still fearing about goin to the wrong place, "I" sms'ed my friend, you staying in Kota Kinabalu
right? She teasing me said, "no! I'm staying at Kuching", & put the ol' hahaha at the end of
the message. "I" landed, she scared me from the back, & did that hahaha thing again, just for
fun of it, "I" too laughed, to show that "I" knew it was her. She being a good soul, booked me
a hotel & give me a tour. During dinner she explained that in KK, the inhabitants were mostly
Chinese, Malay & the locals, plus, there were only a hand-full of Indians! Meaning that
they are a rare breed, so that makes me, a hybrid, a diamond in the rough! She later invited
me for a drink at the most awesome'ness club in my opinion, the whole of Malaysia! The
chicks were dressed in absolute "hot'ness" & the music was played by a live band! It was
a concert! Happening to the max! My friend said, "hey mr, we have to get to bed, we have
an early start tomorrow", hearing that "I" reluctantly said ok, but tomorrow we shall be back,
right? She said "I promise".

7am, we packed up & headed for the jetty for some fun in the sun & guess what! It was the
"Bersih" weekend! The smell of fresh clean sea water never smelled so good!

Reached the island, clear blue sky, water so clean you can see the fishes, white
swarm the place, "I" felt like "I" was in New Zealand, it felt good to be around
the green nature stuff again. As we marked our spot, my friend changed, & "I" took
my camera & started shooting photos like there was no tomorrow.

As "I" mesmerize on the greens, "I" was at a state of calm'ness, felt perfect harmony,
my ying &
yang was balanced. How "I" wish "I" had a place such as this in KL, "I" would
come out here like every weekend! Walking along the sea-shore, soaking my feet in the
sand, gazing at the white folks, "I" suddenly thought of my friend, & his un-dying love
for the white girls. There were flocks of em', in "freaking" bikinis! It was as if this isn't
Malaysia! Most of em' was pretty friendly, they smiled at me as "I" walk past em', try
doin' that to a KL girl, she would give a look as if your trying to steal their virginity!

Moving on, my friend invited me for some fun in the sun, well, "I" was pretty much
enjoying myself taking pictures, she said to me "dont be so boring!", & so "I" joined
her for some snorkeling. Seeing the varieties of fishes & swimming beside em', was
kinda breath-taking, plus it was my 1st time doin' so. You could feel em touching
your skin as they passed by, especially the
anchovies, they swam in flocks!

Now back to photography! Went back to the jetty & grabbed some shot of the tourist
feeling those lil' water suckers, guess what, as "you" the reader can see below, "I"
got a lucky shot! It look like some Japanese kanji on the surface of the water. It was
freaking awesome! & thus, "I" continued my play of water sports.

As the sun set over the sea, so did we. We took our boat back to town, which to my
surprise, "I" was happy to see buildings again, it was like a long lost friend. We went
back for a short nap & as the night slowly "creeped" in, it was party time! Went back
to the same club, & it was packed! People were half way on the "high" way, shaking
their booty to the beat of the "live" band, the chicks were fine as a glass of wine &
the boose was kinda cheap.

My "freak" was on, but further more, made friends with a Chinese guy opposite my table.
"I" dont know he was "high" as the sky or just plain friendly, he kept taking pictures with me,
also was offered a few drinks & smoked my 1st ever "shisha", well was just being' friendly myself.
He went to my friend & also started taking pictures with her, "I" was like damn! So as opportunity
arose, "I" too cam-whore with his cute friend.

The night went on with awesome'ness! Shook me booty, drank & still cam-whoring,
it was 1 of my best nights of all time! Too bad it had to come to an end. It was more
nerve wrecking that in just a few hours, my trip would end! Curses!

"I" would love to have the opportunity to stay in Sabah, the life is simple, the people are nice,
& to top it all off, they finish work at "freaking" 5.30pm! "I" wanna live that kinda life, simple.
Sabah! "I" will be back!

PLUS! The Avengers Trailer!
Oh my "freaking" hell! Its come true! The Avengers! Hell Yeah! This trailer will be shown,
at the post-credits of Captain America.