Friday, 4 December 2009

Happy Brithday Dragon Ball!

Today! Is the day that Dragon Ball was born! 25 years ago, the very first
chapter of Dragon Ball found its way into hands of kids & adults all across
Japan via Weekly Shounen Jump.

This series was written & illustrated by Akira Toriyama. This series was inspired
by the Chinese folk novel "Journey to the West". At the beginning stages of
Dragon Ball, Gokou & friends begin their journey to find the mysterious Dragon Balls.
It is said that those who collected all 7 would have an honor to grant any wish
from Shenlong.

After a few years, this series was all about the "fight". The motto of the story was
simple, if you think your weak, then train yourself to be stronger! No matter who
Son Gokou faced, he always lived up to the challenge & breaks the limits of his own

"I" believe that Dragon Ball revolutionized the world of manga & anime alike, there
were no complicated story lines, no complex characters & no emotional characters
~cough Naruto & Sasuke cough~. The series was about good Vs. evil, plain & simple.
The characters were fun & the fight scenes were as wicked as Megan Fox's body, DAMN!

Even though the series has ended along time ago, the fan base is still going strong!
"I" the writer being 1 of them ;) The manga is being re-publishing, the anime is
rebroadcasting, there are games coming out each year, the figures comes out with new
series, the anime is translated to at least more then 10 different languages plus! Even
a movie was made under the vision of US & A.

Dragon Ball is as popular as Spider-Man or Superman. It has become part of our culture.
Don't believe me? Where do you think "spiky" hair came from? "I" the DAMN! writer thinks
that peeps all around the globe knows about Dragon Ball no matter their age or race. Just
look at the ending of this video.

In addition, its because of this series, "I" was motivated to become a graphic artist &
am still a Dragon Ball freak! So, Happy Birthday Dragon Ball! Hope to see "you" still
kicking after 25 more years!

quote of the day!
Now the signs have appeared again, the evil has returned. Only one chosen warrior
has the power to defeat this threat.

-Dragon Ball: Evolution- Master Roshi

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