Saturday, 30 January 2010


With Google out of China, what search engine will they use?
Ponder no more fellow "Chinese" readers! China presents to you
an unique grasp of intellectual property that arises like a Phoenix
with "Goojje".

My friend once told me that why China is making copy/pirated items?
So that it can be affordable to everyone! Now that's a good marketing

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quote of the day!
People live, people die...they come down here. I have infinite levels of Hell.
What you've seen is nothing, a mere kindergarten. It's so easy for me now.
People have lost their willpower, their hope. They think the world is going to
come to an end. Wishful thinking. The world will last a long long long long time.

-Beezle- Highway to Hell

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Tetsuya Nomura says No Final Fantasy 7 Remade

Remember this? It was shown on E3 & the ending of Crisis Core. Giving us chills
down our spine, Square Enix teased our hopes & dreams of Final Fantasy 7 being
remade for the nextgen console, PS3.

Now! Final Fantasy's top character designer Tetsuya Nomura says that there won't
be PS3 remake of Final Fantasy 7, believe it! He unleashes the "horrible truth" that
this project won’t happen & that they should count themselves lucky if Cloud is
recycled as a guest character in future titles.

There were rumors but NOW! We the fans wont hold our breath on this "considered
the best Final Fantasy Game Ever" to be remade.

Tetsuya Nomura continues to say that :.

"There’s always talk of a FF7 remake amongst fans, and many seem to
be looking forward to one, but I don’t think one will be realised.

But maybe Cloud will crop up in other titles as a guest character? You
never know".

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quote of the day!
I'm not gay... ok, maybe a little bit. A pinky's worth of gayness.
-Barney- Jane White Is Sick & Twisted