Sunday, 29 June 2008


Ahh alcohol....most of men's best friend and every wife's nemesis. The wonders it does
to a human body is just out of this world. The substance thats transforms a nerd to a
daredevil. No wonder its a must to have alcohol at every party. Its the
"party starter!".

Our little unknown guy, "Jeremy" as we like to call him, has know about this strange substance
for a long time now and is no stranger to it. Some might say they respect him for handling it
so well and some hate him at times for being such a baby for not wanting to take more. His
journey with this liquid continues.

This week was a bad week for our little guy. His job is making him as crazy as "The Joker" he
is on the verge of insanity. For the past week, he was making "
reject designs" and that was
driving him down to the "
Arkham Asylum". As the days past, he was really looking forward to
the weekend and "
Wanted". As Thursday came by, the movie "Wanted" was in and "Damn!"
it was good. "
I" the writer hasn't read the graphic novel so I wouldn't know how good it would
be but lil Jeremy enjoyed it. A mix of "Matrix" and "
Desperado", which guy wouldn't love it. After
the movie Jeremy and his jolly geng went for a bite or two, which turned to a late night of
alcohol feast. His friends couldn't believe that he started without them. If one does it, the
rest would follow but it was work the next day so Jeremy, his merry men and a woman went
home & hope to continue this feast the next day.

So they did, "
Friday night baby!" a night of enjoyment and relaxation. The group meet again
with a few more additions to it. The night started out ok so to speak. Everyone talked and
joked around but still something was missing. The "
kick" wasn't there. One of the woman said
are you guys this boring?" Ah ha. She will soon discover that the party is just beginning. It
was 12am and the party was indeed getting started. Everyone was having the times of their
Cheers! every few seconds. Guys being guys, some of them set out like hunters. Well in
search for females of course. Others dance to the beat, a few confessions came out and a
near fight was in the making. Our little hero was in the mist of it all. His fragile mind has indeed
been exploited The party was "
happening" indeed. Night turned to day. At 7am the merry
group rush back to their crib to get a shut eye. The End.

Jeremy finds it strange, how can such a substance do this to the human body? what was
the contents of the bottle which contains such power. People turn "
wild" as animals. Until
today the little guy is still confused and will be forever entertained by the "power" of alcohol.

Ahh Jeremy!, grow up and smell the wee...smo...i mean fresh air. Life and some of its contents
are and forever be a mystery. So live with it dude.

Updates! Updates! Read all about it!

This week is all about the girls and well just about it. To start things off, just like Indy.
This chick never
forget to put on her hat.

From "Bamboo Blade" the main character. Looking so innocent and cute with her confident
pose. "Fight-to!" "Fight-to!"

"Lala" is just the cutest name for this DieBuster character.

Cammy, when oh when are you gonna make your big return?

Didn't I see her in "Pantai" hospital?

quote of the day -
What the fuck have you done lately?
-Wanted- Wesley

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Movies Of The Future

Yeah..Yeah I know, me again. Well I am what they call "a boring person" so what the
heck? I write for the fun of it. Today my fellow
"readers" I'm gonna flood your mind with
movie coming out not so soon this year, maybe it will be out the next year or even the year
after that. Who knows? so I'm gonna stop with these pitiful so call
"introductions" lets get
on with the show...I mean reading....
hmmm....ahhh screw it!

So lets start with the bad, ok. The 1st official poster for Dragon Ball, tag line
"The Legend Comes To life". My comment like previous ones are, Gokou has a
fetish for MATURE WOMAN. I mean common man, why is Cici older? If the
girl in red was Cici, I would accept her. DAMMIT!

Next on the list is G.I Joe, 1 word..Awsome!

New posters for Frank Miller's The Sprite, starring Eva Mendes,
Scarlett Johansson, Jaime King and Sarah Paulson speak the lines
shown on their posters.
Look at the babes. I havent read The Sprite
comic book but it looks to have all the babes in it. Not to mention
a nice "Sin City" feel to it.

Corvette concept shot on the set of the new Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen.
Who might this be? Tracks? and.....

A whole new Bumblebee. A "SS" Camaro, it's the Z28. Damn! I cant wait till next year.

This is not gonna come out at the Silver Screen but it sure looks like "Villains" is
sure to top my list of
"must watch" this Fall. Introducing Bad A$$ Peter &
Oh damn! my Claire-bear has become a B***h! what is the world coming to?

quote of the day -
Being a good fiend is like being a good photographer.
You have to search for the right moment.

-Dragon Ball Z- Vegeta

Sunday, 22 June 2008

A better tomorrow?

Yesterday was an interesting day for our little unknown human. His young
and fragile mind took in some really captivating info from his X-Lecturer
about "Kids these days". You could say that most parents or should I use the
term "angry old folks" use that phrase when they are angry at their kids or
just annoyed by what they see kids do. I always get this term thrown at me.
This term has become like family to me since its being used all the time to me
and only me by my old lady. For example "kids these days are so lucky, they have
the freedom to go out and see a movie with their friends. During "my" time we
had to ask permission from our parents to see a movie, most of the time they would
reject us of that opportunity" just 1 of many quotes I hear from my old lady.
Sad right.

The meaning of kid is "young goat and young human". The meaning of the word
child is " A child is most often defined as a young human being (sproglet)
between birth and puberty, a boy or girl. The legal definition of "child" generally refers
to a minor, otherwise known as a person younger than the age
of majority. "Child" may
also describe a relationship with a parent or authority figure, or signify group membership
in a clan, tribe, or religion; or it can
signify being strongly affected by a specific time, place,
or circumstance, as
in "a child of nature" or "a child of the Sixties". Maybe instead of the term
"kids these days" they should say children these days.

Its the year 2008, information is now traveling twice as fast or even 10 times faster of what
it used to be. Every second of the day somewhere in the world new technology is being created,
a new formula is being made or even a new scandal
is happening. A mind of a child is like a
sponge, it absorbs information like a sponge. If the "in" thing is Britney then most of the girls
will act like Ms.Britney. Media is just to entertain us and gives us sights and info about
other happenings around the world. I don't blame the media and I'm not pointing fingers ant anyone.
With kids being so smart these day, they should know about
the "DO" and "DON'T" of the world.
They have all the power and freedom to access everything around them to get information. As
Stan "The Man" Lee created a
powerful quote said "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility".
It may be
from a comic book but that quote should be used in our everyday lives.

Sex, drugs and fights are just a few things happening in schools now a days. Is the "Hippie"
era coming back? Kids in school having sex in the school toilets? Taking their 1st puff of
cigarettes at the tender age of 11? Gangs are made up
to have fights just to take money
from nerds? I was shocked and like "Damn!"
how could this happen? but not all kids are
bad. Some are smart and responsible
at what they learn and do. Example, our little Jeremy is
a "road idiot" and a 16 year old girl had to show him the way to the bus station...oh how embarrassing...
Get a map Jeremy...and quiet surprisingly she was quiet matured for her age.
In conclusion, I the writer has to say even if its a dark and shallow room, there
is always a
source of light coming out. For every young mind that needs guidance,
we have to take some
time off our adult lifestyle and guide them towards that
bright light of hope. Even if they don't
listen to your advises, doesn't mean
they will not take you words into account. Someday they
will look back and
thank you for what your words of wisdom.

quote of the day -
[as Becca forcefully takes off his clothes] Just be careful, because it's a meaningful
sweater to me, it's vintage.
-Superbad- Evan

Saturday, 21 June 2008

A better tommrrow

After 2 months plus of pain and misery our "Jeremy" has finally gotten
some good news. His salary from his old company has been paid and he has
gotten 2 rare comics this month.
Considered to be sold out comics by his
so called "comic book guy". Well consider yourself lucky you little F****r

July will be a looking as bright as the sun for our unknown guy. Even after
collecting his pay from his old office, he hooked up with some of his X-co-KLP people.
They were having a much more tough time in their new job. No weekend and "life" so
to speak. Jeremy is considered lucky to gotten a place where he is working now. Near to
home and no toll. Yet he complains. Damn F****r!
July is just around the block. Money
is rolling in, guess the next thing for him to do is spend it on some of it on his drugs. After a
long wait and some painful window shopping, he finally gets to go shopping.
Beware world!
Beware toy shops!
He is coming with a vengeance. I pity the shops that he will visit. He is
gonna "do" them like a boy on Viagra looking at a girl's naked body for the 1st time. 2 salaries
in 1 month? man that gotta be mind blowing! Well he deserved it anyway. We should all be
happy for him. If I was there, I would give him a hug and shake his hand and say congratulations...
you made it through. Life is hard now a days. You have to survive in this big bad world. It's
survival of the fittest.
No matter how big or small, young or old, the world will try its best to
bring you down a dark alley with no hope and lonelyness. You will have to fight "that world".
No one should ever put you down, no matter how big they think they might be. A person's
a person, no matter how small.

Well enough of this mushy mushy stuff. This ain't no soap drama man. This is "The Happening"
blog. Lets get on to this week updates and list, shall we.

1) Damn Revotech guys! Another version on Gurren Lagann. Repaints and now add ons. F**k!

2) Transformers Classics 2.0 is coming soon. It all looks pretty sweet. I will get the cars. Cool!

To be contineud...

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

My Malaysia (MM)......Oil

Malaysia, a beautiful country with lots of different colors added on to it. Lots of
races with little conflict, believes and life styles. You have almost every part of the
world in Malaysia. Everyone of us is mixed and we all speak the almost same language,
understanding one another under the same sun or mamak. A beautiful country and love
staying in it. Not everything is as good as it looks. The world of paradise is far from
where we are. Maybe I'm a little paranoid or that I cant sleep so I'm doing this or is
this all a dream?

Oil prices are up, we and the world are suffering tremendously. If oil goes up so does
everything. The lifestyle you had last month is about to change. No more driving around
in you car just to get some wind in your hair or just looking around. No more leaving your
computer on the whole 2 weeks to download and not to mention food price are going
through the roof that you cant hardly pay for. Back in the 60's and 70's a bowl of sup was
just a few cents. Now its a whole 5 bucks! but everybody needs to eat right. You cant run
away from that.

People earning RM3,000 are feeling the pinch of life now, just to make ends meat. Most of
them are already working double jobs and overtime just to give the best to their family. If
this is happening now then just think of what could happen in the near future. Money is what
make the world go round? I guess not, Oil is what keeps money moving. Are we all slaves to oil?
Oil is all around no matter where you look. It keeps our electricity going, our vehicles running
and a major part of the economy moving. "he who controls the oil, controls the world".

Crime rate is up. People are actually smuggling oil now. No more drugs. Thats old news.
Oil has toped the list. The news papers are now advising people to keep their car doors locked
as soon as you get in the car and also advises about how to save your money. For example,
don't eat out to much, save your electricity and water, open up your own vegetable farm
and so on. Even there are contest up about oil. Taking advantage of the public and their
mindset. Or is it making the public fall into deep depression and fear? Soon you will be reading
about people killing and starting up wars just to get total control of oil. All the questions I ask
myself. I hope to find answers to what I am seeking...

I thought of some solutions, maybe all salary increase by 20% since there are increasing
everything else but why not our salary's? The government side has increased their salary
by 30% but why not the private sector? or instead of oil why not use other source of power
to power up our stuff?

This is whats in my mind as days pass by...reading both world and local news, I
get the feeling that the world isn't becoming a friendly place to live it. It now pushes you 
the limit and you must try to survive it before it eats you a whole. Is this a punishment 
we humans brought to upon our self? with our technology and research and advancement 
that we forgot that this Earth (our house) is gonna fall apart and take us with it. Dinosaurs
are gone, when is it gonna be our turn?

quote of the day -
no quote today buddy...
-Unlimited Spot- The Writer

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Yeah it's me again..

Another week in the life of Jeremy has past, and another week of learning
and experience. Last week he was hating and moping about his job and not
to mention getting rejected designs. He like so wanted to quit and find a new job
(what a cry baby!). He even quoted on his facebook " Jeremy is thinking twice
about advertising
". This week though was an ok experience for him. Even though his
so called designs got rejected but this time only Once! can you believe it? and it was
sweet. My conclusion about his learning experience is that advertising is doing and
implementing all the things you learned and experience in life. You must know everything
about the design world from cooperate identity to the wacky and fun. You mind must be
ready with ideas as soon as the job comes in. Very little time for research and looking for
the right picture. You have to be quick and on your toes for what the client wants, even
though its at the very last second. (Damn clients!! he says) He sure has a lot to learn
and buck up from this time around. His gonna need all the skills thats implanted in him to
make it through this job.

Well he sure learned a lot, and got a few good advises from his art director about life and
its effects. Oh! this is gonna make you guys laugh.....wait for it.....wait for it....he approached
a chinese girl....wait...wait...HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA can you guys believe it
ahhahahaaha, joke of the week and how it kills me laughing like this. This concludes
"Another week of Jeremy" or should I say "Jeremy is getting bold and he thinks his beautiful"
get it? like the Bold and the Beau....ahh forget it...

Well enough about his boring and whining stories. Here are the weeks updates and surprises.

1) Lazenggan (Rasengan) sound familiar? This is the latest from our Revotech branch.
Looks kinda good and the way it folds its arms is like uuuuuuhhhhhh macho!

2) Damn! she is cute and I will say it again she is cute, why are the girls of this world not like her?
or is there some kind of altered universe or earth that has all this cute girls hiding and lurking,
remember all the UFO sightings, big head, eyes and small bodies. Maybe those are all this girls
looking for "mates". Just another boyish fantasy don't mind me.

3) Revotech has got good robot figures and articulation, the girl figures are ok but not so there yet.
Figma! now there the girls with movement. Here is their latest figure from Fate/Stay Night.

4) From the Lagann series Kamina & the kisser of death Yoko!

5) I want my wantan mee with sup. No wantan just 2 girls. Thanks.

Dragon Ball update!!!
I just found this over the net, few new promotional images, a collage of Bulma, Roshi &
Chi Chi and a solo shot of Goku. Dosent Chi Chi look more older then Bulma?

The Incredible Hulk
review (No Spoilers just my thoughts)

1. Better then Ang Lee's version duh!
2. Lots of hidden characters from the marvel universe.
3. Hulk speaks and acts like he is really pissed off.
4. Hulk best view in dark places and rain fall.
5. More screen time.
6. "Human" actors were better.
7. Secret ending was at the end of the movie not end of credits.
End thoughts: Not as entertaining as Iron man but Marvel movies are sure improving
alot,Comics are coming in with a bang! Proof that USA has no more ideas for new
titles and ideas. (4/5)

quote of the day -
[Spider-Man with a crook atop the Statue of Libery circa 1989]
Crook: Who are you?
Spidey: I'm Batm...err... Spiderman!

-Amazing Spider-Man- Spider-man

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Haruhi "New Animation" by Newtype Scans

Ahhh looks like my beautiful/cute/lovely/adorable/kind Mikuru is coming back
into my life, looks like "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" is gonna be
out soon and by the looks of it Christmas. This will sure be an early Christmas
present for me. After a very long wait, season 2 is just around the block or some
rumors are that they are re-doing Haruhi. Seems like t
he production team has
decided on making a new series of Haruh
i all over again (Damn!). Just in case some
of you out there who don't know this Haruhi phenomena. Here is the into to the
series and some artwork for season 2 or Haruhi re-make?

Genres: comedy, psychological, science fiction, slice of life, supernatural
Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)

Plot Summary: On the first day of high school a beautiful girl named Haruhi Suzumiya
introduces herself as having "no interest in ordinary humans". She asks for any aliens,
time travelers, sliders or espers to join her. Watching her weird behaviour is Kyon who
sits in front of Haruhi and is the only person who talks to her. When Kyon comments
about Haruhi's joining every club in school and then quitting he unwittingly gives Haruhi
an idea to start her own after school club. Thereafter Kyon and several others find
themselves dragged, literally, into the Save our world by Overloading it with fun Suzumiya
Haruhi's Brigade (the S.O.S. Brigade for short).
Here are the scans from Newtype Magazine.

Yeah Yeah, I know toys again....Even though I have insignificant funds. I still look
at the updates over the net and still do window shopping (like a kid
who cant reach
the cookie jar) DAMN KLP!

My oh my...these Japanese are just so creative with their "explosive" ideas.

Oh yeah...just in case you didn't know, Im a comic freak too. Here's a look
at the cover art for Secret Invasion #6. Hmmmmm.....pretty....

quote of the day -
After all, the fate of the world rests on my pitching.
The world sure isn't worth much these days.

-The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya- Kyon

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Jeremy's "Brand New Day"

Apart from a brief encounter with KG & KLP, Jeremy has quit his job &
found himself a new job in a design agency called KK Advertising. After
failing to impress at a series of job interviews, an empty wallet & not
to mention a wonderful break off work, Jeremy is back on his feet with
new hopes & dreams. He is determined to make the best of what this
new job has to offer and hope his old nemesis of a company pays his
salary soon, as days pass his hands are shaking & he is falling into deep
depression without his drugs ( Figures ).

But enough about him and his so called "dreams", here are some few
updates over the past week.

Shonen Jump 40th Anniversary Figures
Shonen Jump, the Japanese magazine that originally brought Dragon Ball
to the world, is releasing the figures below to celebrate their 40 year milestone.
There is a definite theme to most of these figures, and that is to somehow
combine Dragon Ball with One Piece. Below you will find images of toys that feature
the One Piece character Chopper, dressed as many Dragon Ball characters! Also just
announced is another series of figures that include Luffy and Gokou with swapped
outfits! These figure are great news for fans of both shows - the Gokou and Luffy set
look particularly awesome.

quote of
the day -
It depends on who your god is.
-Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull- Indiana Jones