Monday, 7 December 2009

Movies of the Future!

A Nightmare On Elm Street
All the good B grade slashers are coming back with grade A style!
The reboot of Wes Craven's Freddy gives you a reason not! to sleep in
April 30, 2010.
Guess who's Freddy?

Give up? Its
Jackie Earle Haley! Rorschach, from Watchmen.

Legion ( Mature Trailer )
These are not you kind, cutey, soft heart winged angles.
They will kick
your @$ from here to Hell without remorse!
Be ready for the 2nd wave of
god's flood, 22 January 2010.

1 of the comments were: Yeah, someone need to hit "restart" on this shit hole!

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Live-Action
Remember the animation that came out in 2006, yeah! The Japanese
used a
fast running girl to punch through the portal of time, instead of
using a Delorean.
This chick is leaping into Japan cinema's in March 2010!

Tekken Live Action

This looks way freaking better then what the "Hollywood'ers" are doing to
King of Fighters! Hope the tournament of Iron Fist doesn't disappoint "us"

Iron Man
This poster is said to be an International poster, meaning...
the cool poster with War Machine is just for the freaking US?

Heard from my "comic book guy" that, Iron Man will have 3 new armors
in his upcoming adventure.

Kick Ass
A new poster featuring Red Mist, set for its '10 release!

Love the tag line, it ROCKS!

Kamen Rider W & Decade Movie Taisen
A picture grabbed from a magazine shows, all "Form" Riders in
next year's movie.
DAMN! "I" cant wait!

quote of the day!
At times the world can seem an unfriendly and sinister place. But believe us
when we say there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is
look hard enough. And what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events,
may in fact, be the first steps of a journey.

-Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events- Violet Baudelaire


kenwooi said...

lol.. kiss ass! =D

"I" the writer said...

That has to be 1 of the coolest tag lines EVER!

Kelvin said...

Wow, i am looking forward to tekken and iron man!

"I" the writer said...

Well I have high hopes for Iron Man due to the Avengers movie. Just hope Taken doesnt turn out like Dragon Ball ;)