Monday, 29 June 2009

Virgins Rare in Japan’s Schools

DAMN! Otaku are struggling to come to terms with their enforced celibacy after
recent surveys revealed that half of all third year high schoolers were no longer
virgins, marking them as even more abnormal than they thought.

The surveys conducted by Japan’s Family Planning Association revealed that 47.3%
of boys & 46.5% of girls had some experience of sex by their third year of high school,
which coupled with results from other age groups shows a general trend towards sex
at earlier ages. Kids these days...

However, observers were puzzled by the 40% decrease in sexual aspirations amongst
younger children since the last time the survey was conducted in 1999, now it seems
31% of boys & 14% of girls in their third year of middle school
"would like to try" sex,
which could either mean their sexual ambitions have decreased, or possibly that they
have already tried…

In spite of all this, a disturbing 15% of boys & 18% of girls agreed with the propositions that
"it’s best not to have sex"
(which bodes ill for the Japanese race) and "sex is best left until
(which in Japan will usually mean waiting until their thirties) but during these times
of lust,
who in the blue hell does that?

Online reactions range from
"I won’t accept it!" to "It seems healthy that there is no great
gap between the sexes here"
, & of course the blustering "We should be proud that we made
it this far as virgins!"
(were they unlucky or tried but failed)...


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Sunday, 28 June 2009

The battle for the Spot begins!?

"I" the writer created & is the soul owner of "my" WWW called Unlimited Spot. This universe
of mine, "I" the writer created was for & to improve my writing skills. "I" the writer also
homosepience all over this known world with what "I" the writer is interested in,
an upload of my hobby onto the minds of others. This space of mine also includes stories of
my 2 unusual friends gunbalde99 & Jeremy (Thanks Bros!)

This space of mine has also seen its dark days, but was overcome by diligence & courage.
"I" the writer also has been tagged by 1 of those famous website/forums:
cardew1975: the footage was removes on you tube but you can check it here .

& was warned by Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The notice that they received
from Paramount Pictures regarding an "Exclusive Transformers 2: Revenge of Fallen" clip.

Unlimited Spot was tagged by 1 of those unusual/strange/fan-feast websites too:
regarding a post about Dragon Ball Evolution, an interview with James.

A cosplay gone wrong forum post also featured my blog in their post.
This page has some winners! ... Elektra (you'll see!)

With this so called famed post, there must also come a "destroyer". This person claims that
this blogspot belongs to him/her/it. It dares to "give" a name, revieling the true identity of
"I" the writer plus post this hideous name on it's blog. "I" the writer does not go by the name
"Elson♥" with a love symbol at the back!

Only a few has seen the face behind the mask of "I" the writer & its not you! ProStyles!

1:1 scale Gundam

A life size Gundam is being shown at "Tokyo Odaida". This is every Gundamn-freak's
dream, to witness their idol up front & personal. "Mobile Suit Gundam 30th Anniversary
Project," is the reason for such an occasion.
The "Real na Gundam" statue of the RX-78-2
model from the first anime series (1979) will stand proudly at Odaiba's Shiokaze Park
at the beginning of July.

The statue will be free for viewing, but it will only stay up for 2 months. It will be built
with fiberglass-reinforced plastic over a steel frame so it can be disassembled later. The
head unit will move and the body will have 50 points that will emit light.

Only the Japanese could have done something to make every "otaku's" dream come to life.
"I" the writer bets that after this, a group of Gundam-freaks will built it again so that this
dream will continue & to stand as Japan's "Statue of Liberty" so to speak.

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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You know there are no coincidences in this universe, man. Everything happens for a reason.
-Elvis Meets Nixon (TV)- Elvis Presley

Friday, 26 June 2009

China gives Transformers 2 the bottom line!

Looks like the Chinese humans are outraged by the Shanghai scene in the film.
The Chinese have flooded the web denouncing how Shanghai, one of the top
cities in the country, appears very drab in the film, reports
People Daily Online.

The China people consider the attack/booming of Shanghai city an "an insult to China".
Now Paramount Pictures
is considering if that scene should be "cut" out from the film.
The movie is released on June 26th, but many Chinese believe it is simply not enough.
"I" the writer smells MONEY!

The newspaper doesn't offer any fit argument but the only way to get past this dark cloud
is just this :-
reform & construct [our] cities. Forbidding others to talk about our deficiencies
& pretending to be perfect while we are not is only fooling ourselves.
China dudes! Common! It's just a FREAKING movie! RELAX!

Michael Jackson has passed away. He was 50. "I" the writer send my deepest
condolences to his loved ones. May his soul rest in the "Neverland" that he dreamed of

- coming to a store near you!

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