Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Karate Kid Re-Boot!

No movie can escape the wrath of "Re-Boot" & "Re-Make", even the '84 classic
wax on, wax off movie of The Karate Kid has been sucked into the world of
re-makes. The replacement of Mr. Miyagi is none other then Jakie Chan, &
the new Daniel is Jaden Smith! Yes! The son of Will Smith.

Here's the story so far,
"work pressures cause a single mother moves to China
with her young son; in his new home, the boy embraces karate, taught to him
by a master of the self-defense form"

This heart warming movie will be available for our eyes, June of '10. For now,
here are some picture to get your heart pumping.

Is it just me or is the Chinese girl in the picture below X-treamly adorable...

PLUS! Cheek Pitching!
YES! "I" the DAMN! writer is still into the girls of Morning Musume, why?
cause they are just simply so freaking cute! Nuff' said!


Nicholas C said...

Ugh eww noooo... Jackie Chan is so un-sifu like to be Mr. Miyagi

"I" the writer said...

Well just hope that this version of Karate Kid wont turn out like the U.S version of Dragon Ball ;)

junsern said...

karate in china? ooooo the chinese gonna be damn pissed....

"I" the writer said...

Maybe with "world famous" Jackie Chan, they will let it slide