Thursday, 17 December 2009

Michael Moore not impressed with Akihabara

The controversial documentary maker Michael Moore visited the holy grail of "otaku"
& was not
freaking impressed by the unique town! DAMN!

He continues to say that "A lot of unnecessary things are being sold here." & "Shopping
may brighten the spirits, but they're just fooling themselves." Yes, fooling themselves by
buying plastic models of giant robots.

As Moore visited a maid cafe & heard a cute greeting, "Welcome master!" from the cute
voiced maids, Moore replied, "I'm not your master! Everybody's equal." Seems Moore
does not know the wonders of a Japanese maid.

Its good news that nobody told Moore that maids charge otaku 500 yen
($5.50) to play paper-rock-scissors, huh..."I" wonder what will Moore say about
the otaku in Japan in this-to-be-

PLUS! Trailers!

Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works
The Holy Grail war is due, January 23rd.

Birth by Sleep Ad

Iron Man 2
War Machine!!!!!

Alice in Wonderland - International Trailer
Alice is back?

quote of the day!
Democracy can be a wickedly unfair thing Sabrina. Nobody poor was ever
called democratic for marrying somebody rich.

-Thomas Fairchild- Sabrina (1954)

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