Wednesday, 9 December 2009

What's under the Tree?

The meeting of the un'holy trinity of nerds,"I" the writer, Jeremy & gunblade99
commence with a chat about movies. What was the least favorite movie of the

said that it was Blood the Last Vampire, why? Cause the story line didn't
follow the original at all & "I" expected it to be in Japanese! Jeremy "the Hobbit"
later objected that Dragon ball was the worst of the lot, he said that "they" the
rich people of Hollywood destroyed his childhood series. Lastly gunbladee99 said
that no movie could beat the badness of Confessions of a Shopaholic! Why? he
didn't give a logical reason, just that "IT SUCKED" as he so gently put it.

As the season of joy draws near, we the nerds discussed about presents & what's
the best thing about Christmas. gunblade99 said, "the best thing about Christmas
was, seeing a tree full with gifts, opening the presents, family & the food!"

Who could argue with the food! You could get a BIG juicy turkey from the more
"modern" people, roasted chicken from a Chinese house & some spicy mutton from
the Indian house. All different kinds of food in a day. DAMN!

But! When "I" said that there are no gifts under my tree, the group went wild!
How can there NO FREAKING GIFTS under the tree shouted Jeremy. He continued
to say that, it was like dressing up Pamela Anderson in a bikini but no huge boobs!
gunblade99 then added
an explosion over the fire, "That's just immoral"

The reason was, my family just gives money so "the present receiver" could buy
anything they wanted without disliking the gift that was given, especially the young'lings.
"I" remember that "I" used to get "disliked" gifts & sell it me mates. It was an important
tradition that has been in our family for years.

Jeremy asked, what are you gonna give your mum? "I" said, "I" asked my
mum & she said that she would prefer money, for her shopping spree. Nuff Said!

After hearing my reason, Jeremy cooled down, but gunblade99 still said that having
gifts under the tree was "a tradition" that should never been replaced. So he asked,
with all the angpow money your getting this year, you! better buy us a drink! "I"
looked back at him with an anime looking face saying, with all the money "I" get...

What the next topic? Marvel's Siege but that is a whole other geek story...

PLUS! The Best of Liz Lemon
DAMN! If she was a real woman, "I" would marry her on the spot! Even though
she is older but she is damn fun, freaking bubbly, smart & cute! Liz Lemon is da best!

quote of the day!
My mom used to send me articles about how older virgins are
considered good luck in Mexico.

-Liz- 30 Rock

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