Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Bumblebee DVD case

Finally! "I" the writer got my "Limited Edition" transforming Transformers 2
DVD case, B looks great! Now my Prime case wont be alone, but! The extra
contents is the main spotlight of this DVD.

As excited as "I" was getting it, "I" was just as "blown" away by the making of
Transformers 2. The amount of work that is put in is simply amazing! Even though
the movies was not as good at the 1st, well "you" the reader can blame it on the
writer's strike that happen in '07. The movie lacked a good storyline, the script was
a rush! 3 writers cooked up in a hotel room writing & re-writing what Mr.Bay wanted
in a shot time. In my view, the writers got to see a bit of heaven as Mr.Bay treated
them like Kings! For instance, their breakfast was lobster freakin' sandwich!

After the script was confirm then it went on to character concept, location search,
vehicle construct, acting, constructing the characters final animation, editing & sound
edit. Even 2 hours before the premier in Japan, Michel was still doing the final cut to the
movie, DAMN!

As "you" the reader read that Ms.Fox elegantly told the world that Bay was like Hitler.
Well "I" saw how he treated his workers & he "kinda" was, "I" also found out that his
beloved word in the dictionary was "F++K!" He would yell at them like a Malaysian Boss!
Believe it! He is 1 serious Director. As a fast moving Director he is constantly on the move
when it come to shooting a scene. He excepts to do 3 things at 1 time! DAMN! But overall
"I" like it when he dares! To push you to the limit! So you can drive out that hidden talent
& evolve at what ever you do.

As a hands-on Director he goes to studios & just connects with every single artist plus!
Explains what he wants, even if he has to roll on the floor doing it!

Michel Bay is truly a wonderful Director! He is a perfectionist! Hope TF3 is better!

PLUS! More Secret Newspaper Clippings Being Revealed!
The 1st clipping was about a secret, Now its about Stark, what could these
sudden pieces mean? Or have some inside information to some secrets?

BONUS! FaceBook link
Looks like the link to my blog has irritated this poor girl...

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