Tuesday, 1 December 2009

How nice is nice? Episode 2

Remember my how nice is nice post? Well this is the continuation, maybe this
"EMO" post could be a trilogy? The "nice" hunter strikes again!

My weakness in this life or maybe past life was, "I" am too freakin' nice! YES!
"I" was being used by "it" for more then a year, & only now! My eyes are open to
see the light. "I" was stupidly following what "it" wants from me, without getting anything
in return. My money flushed down the drain on overspending on "it", my time erased by
the universe by hanging out with "it" & my emotions toyed by "it".

only calls me when "it's" in need,
"It" ask me to download series after series but still hasn't showed me gratitude for my efforts,
"It" breaks promises to "it's" convenience,
"It" gives accuses when "I" need something back which is mine!,
"I" must be there within 10mins when "it's" house is 20mins away,
"It" gives accuses why "it" cant pay back my money.

When did "I" get my "eyes wide open"? When "it" took me for a so called "make-over".
"It" wanted me to be & look like someone "I" am not, "it" wanted me to be someone
"it" desires, "I" was "its" doll..."It" destroyed the hair-style that "I" loved, even the
hair stylist felt bad. Plus! "I" had to pay for "its" hair "trim" worth RM70, DAMN!

"You" the reader may think that "it" wants me to be that "special" someone, but sadly
"it" was already seeing other guys. Maybe "I" was 1 of those suckers? But! "It" was
already telling me about those guys, the break ups & make up & "bed" ups. "I" guess
"it" was treating me like "its" "girlfriend?" But! Would a girlfriend be this freaking! nice?

After realizing all of this, "I" had no contact with "it" but! My stuff are in "its" possession.
Its the month of joy & happiness but "it" always make me like I'm a dumb @$$...My so
called nice behavior towards "it" has gotten the better of me.

So my final question "I" ask myself, does it really pay to be a DAMN! nice person?


KimberlyMay said...

it's all right to be nice to someone but you have to know your limits. People tend to take advantage of the kindness you give to others, whether it is intentionally or unintentionally. So just be honest with yourself whether you want to continue to keep in touch with "IT" :) Good luck!

"I" the writer said...

Yeah, my "nice'ness" is getting way out of hand, Thanks for the advise Ms.May ;)