Sunday, 27 February 2011

New Thundercats!

Yet another 80's toon to be revisited in our futuristic time-line. Cartoon Network &
Warner Bros is stylizing the all new Thundercats animation from the Asian side of
the force. With the power of anime strokes, Studio4°C’s unleashes Lion-O & gang
with realistic cat-like characteristics.

As Thundercats is being reintroduced, the story might be a lil' different from the
past, just pray it doesn't be as gruesome as the recent "kiddy" Transformers series.
It would seem that, the Thundercats came from a land of swords & science. The origin
of Prince Lion-O as he battles the throne, along the way also takes on those who would
thwart his destiny at any cost. As Lion-O takes on the power of good & evil in each battle,
he has a quest for the fabled Stones of Power. With each quest, he learns to become the
King he is meant to be.

PLUS! 3DS, Cracked!
The newly launched hand-held by Nintendo, cracked & ready to run any
pirated software.
As fast as its news spreads, the sales has reached
a soaring 400,000 units sold! Take a
look at its test unit.

BONUS! Keyboard Slippers
Cant get your hands off the keyboard? Show the same treatment to your feet as well!
On a plus point, the
rubber nubs can massage your feet.

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!