Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Iron Man 2 poster

DAMN! Its Iron Man standing with War Machine! This dynamic duo looks
freakin' awesome!
Iron Man
opens on May 7th, '10. 1 of the must! Watch
Summer movies.

PLUS! Top 10 Shocking Secrets Your Lover Might Hide
Yet another survey reveals what Japanese men & women find the 10 most shocking!
Secrets their partner might harbor.

1. She used to be a man
2. She’s been declared bankrupt
3. She’s in debt
4. She’s had plastic surgery
5. She’s a former delinquent (gangster)
6. She has a mother complex
7. She’s a former gyaru (look it up here)
8. She’s lying about her age
9. She’s a groupie
10. She likes cosplay

1. He’s been declared bankrupt
2. He’s in debt
3. He has a mother complex
4. He’s actually unemployed
5. He used to be a woman
6. He’s a groupie
7. He likes cosplay
8. He’s had plastic surgery
9. He’s a former cross-dresser
10. He’s a former delinquent (gangster)

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!


kenwooi said...

the poster is cool!
cant wait to watch the next installment! =D


"I" the writer said...

The prelude to The Avengers starts here!