Saturday, 31 January 2009

Pangkor Trip

Yo peeps! Long time no see, miss me? "I" the writer is back from a long holiday at
the islands. An island where the beauty of nature shines & prices sour like an eagle
on "peak" season.

"I" the writer just loves sea view, just listening to the sound of the waves & the reflection
of the sky on the wet sand below, just gives me a calm feeling & burns away tension from
the "real world". The best time to be at the sea is early morning & late evening.
The waves
are not strong & the sea animals come out to play

"I" the writer thought that only a person as crazy as "I" the writer will wake up this early
to be on the beach but "I" the writer was wrong. Couples were walking, laughing & holding
hands as they stroll along the beach. Here's a pic of the newly weds.
Ahhh Love...

As for me, while my mates were in the cabins taking a shut eye. "I" the write loves the
quiet time at sea without being pushed in the water.
Walking along & seeing how far the
beach might take me, in search of strange sights on the sandy floor & just taking notice
of what other homoseipens like myself
are doing.

"I" the writer enjoyed this long holiday, time to go back to the "real" world. Dammit!
Here are new trailers at the Super Bowl 43.

G.I Joe
Go Joes!
Explosions, mayhem & flying people.

Transformers 2
Holy Sh+t!
Is it June yet!?

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete
What in the blue hell? "Square" sure knows how to make some money huh.
What's new? More action scenes of course. Will FF7 ever be put to rest?


Come here my child......

Is it me or is dildos stickin' out her ears?

Who wants a "child like" MJ doll?

"I" the writer saw a chick in these cloths in sg. Wang, a place of weirdness.

Help, I think I wet myself....

Is it me or is his face sun burned?

quote of the day!
Father, you're so tough and proud, hard and cold like a rock. But still, deep down,
your heart beats like mine does... I know you feel... I'm your son and I will always love you.

-Dragon Ball Z- Trunks