Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Akira Toriyama is back!

The creator of the all so famous Dragon Ball is back with a new manga (comic)
entitle Jiya. He will be teaming up with Masakazu Katsura, the creator of DNA2 &
Video Girl Ai for a manga mini-series in Weekly Young Jump magazine.

Jiya is said to be a "super freaking science-fiction action", its a story with an
"alien of justice!"
, which to me sounds like Kamen Rider: Star Trek! Will it
have a "Climax Form?" ~ cough! Den O cough! This series will burst into Japan's
reading eyes on the
10th of December!

But! this is not the 1st time these 2 Legends have joined forces. In '08, they unveiled
their one-shot,
Sachie-chan GUU!! That can be downloaded here. "I" just love the style,
its awesome!

Welcome back Mr. Toriyama!

quote of the day!
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There are NO rules in the house. I'm not like a *regular* mom, I'm a *cool* mom.

-Mean Girls- Mrs. George


HEMY said... comic. There's an anime I've stumbled upon - Blue dragon. NOt the one by the death note artist.

This blue dragon seems to have a great ressemblance on akira's drawing style. But forget to check the artist

"I" the writer said...

The anime characters was created by Mr. Toriyama, that's why the resemblance is uncanny to the Dragon Ball characters.

Jennifer C said...

I am so sad!!!
When you said "Akira Toriyama is back" I am so, so, so happy!
I love most of his works but not Dragon Ball (blame me for not liking the boyish comic)

Why cant he draws back something like Dr. Slump or Cova or so... Sigh

"I" the writer said...

Well he is back in a way, he is writing & drawing other stuff. "I" bet you know that right ;) He is exploring other character designs & writing other genre of manga, mostly comedy cause thats what he loves doing.

"I" love Dragon Ball to death! & "I" wish he would draw it again but as you know, in Japan once the series ends. It really ends.

Dont be sad Jenn, maybe his new manga will be your cup of tea. Who knows ;) Just wish him luck for more great work to come.

WOW! A chick who loves & knows Toriyama's work. You are a rare species of girl indeed ;)