Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A-Z Super Heroes

What better way to indulge you kid in the "vast knowledge" of ABC's, then implement
the A to Z Super Heroes theory! Designed by by Fabian Gonzalez, he captured the
essence of the hero & made an alphabet form outta it, freaking awesomeness!

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Death & New Ultimate Spider-Man

Its like freaking confirm Spider-geeks! Our beloved web-head kicks the bucket!
He buys the farm! He's goin' to a better place! This post is a the "mother" of all
Spidey spoilers! Click back! If "you" the reader don't wanna get the "heat" of this
major "freaking" event! So here goes, with a hyped "I", "I" am sadden to announced
that, Ultimate Spider-Man dies & "I" am proud that he died a hero!

In ULTIMATE AVENGERS vs NEW ULTIMATES #3, the Punisher attempts assassinate
Captain America, but fails! Why!? The bullet shot by that damn Punisher, pierced
your "friendly neighborhood's" stomach! Curses! Thus! Begins the "Death of Spider-Man" arc.

With every death, a new beginning shall emerge, meet the new webslinger!

His identity is yet to be relieved but so how, "I" have a "gut" feeling that its Ben Reilly,
but who know? Maybe its not? The Ultimate Universe has the nerve to give use "heart
attacks" time & time again, the mystery will be un-masked soon enough.

PLUS! Naruto goes to jail!
Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison, is the 8th overall animated movie in the entire
Naruto anime film series. Sad to say, we will get to enjoy Naruto's prison life next
year when it comes on DVD...sigh...

Monday, 18 April 2011

Twisted Metal

The memories this game holds, 1 of my favorite games on the "fat" PS1, "I" used to
love the soundtrack. It was uncanny! "I" still listen to the melodious sounds of Rob
Zombie's Superbeast. The game-play is best for an angry heart, blasting to your soul's
content & destroying as much of the city as "I" can. "I" cant freaking wait for this to hit
the Next-Gen console! "I" gonna go on a rampage yet again!

PLUS! Duke Nukem
He returns! With more chick to choose from, like the side orders at Kenny Rogers!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sakae's Smart Kids

Tired! "I" the writer is freakingly tired from an event, 3 "freaking" days long! The
Smart Kids event was just 1 of those "major" events that had to be participated
in, no matter the cost! It was all about the children & selling "stuff" that they
could learn or take or do to improve them self. What did Sakae have to offer?
We have our kids sushi making working that teachers your kid, hand eye
coordination! Awesome'ness!! Oh! & selling our food of course. Moving on...

1st day was the "rombongan sambil belajar" kids, the kids, ranged from kindergarten
to secondary school. They were like hounds, in packs, hunting on all things colorful.
The balloon givers were giving out balloons like it was "runners thirsting on water on
a 5km marathon race", them came by the 100's "I" tell you! 100's! Want to know if
Sakae Sushi is at an event? Watch out for our balloons! Its advertising at its very best.

My main job was taking pictures & so "I" did & feel in love with the kid below.
She joined our sushi making workshop & was very serious at what she was doin'.
She didn't smile or show any emotion, just concreted at what was being taught,
her cheeks was as chubby as a bulldog & "I" felt like pinching the day lights outta
it! "I" also helped out, she would look at me in those innocent eye, ah! "I" felt like
taking her home! A "freaking" cute gal indeed!

Oh! Did "I" mention? Sakae Sushi sold "sushi" there.

Like a night market at the streets on K to the L, we "hard sell'ed" our sushi like Japan
was goin' to sink the next day. 1 majorly THX speaker of a voice ~cough it was me
~cough, followed by a pack out other shouts, "2 for RM10!" or "free voucher!", it doesn't
matter if we coughed out blood! We the Sakae shouting team, made sure our sushi sold
out by the end of the day! & Thus, we sold out! Hell yeah!

Green meets orange, literally! This proves how hard sell Sakae is.

Bein' a kids event, there were lots of goof-balls all around. Clown, mascots &
funny people, "I" the writer got to take a look behind the scene of a mascot's
changing room, & it was awesome! Both clowns & mascots played each other,
hitting, cursing, teasing & also... brace yourselves...

Abusing a lil' girl. The poor chick was getting her head played like a drum,
she looking like a librarian, just sat there. "I" felt sorry for her, but the mother
of all evolutionary events happened!

A cow mated with a frog! How is that "animal'ly" possible? God knows! This
"horny" cow humped & kissed Sakae's frog like it was 1969! "I" just wonder, if
they could have a baby, how will it look like? & will it be called "frow?" Hmmm...

Being ejected with raging hormones, this cow, tried to jump over the fence, only
to fall dead flat on another "man's" stage! The slaughter he must be feeling, it was
embarrassing even for a horny cow! People laughed & the MC made fun of him ruining
the show, my 2 frog princess's laughed to their heart's content without any remorse.
"I" know we cant see your "real" face cow, but dude! That's a public "BURN!"

After that lil' incident, the cow "warped" away for the main scene, as we took
a group shot of the mascots.

Another lil' happening "I" notice, at these kinda events, lil' flings tent to happen.
Strangers meet & some on the 2nd day become as close as holding hands, dammn!
You do find "love" in places such as this huh...Amazing!

Our mascot was, hrmp, in my opinion, the "steal" of the whole show. People loved
the "fat" green frog! "I" have 600 pictures that need to be arranged out by the next
2 days! The madness! Kids would run screaming to hug our mascot & adults would
take out their "picture taking devices" just for a snap shot. Also, the tons of beatings
it got, if the mascot was real, it would learn some kung-fu for self defense.

Overall, good "happening" event, but still! "I" am freaking tired!! Nuff' said!

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