Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Final Fantasy XIII a Bad Game?

Looks like Square has gotten a taste of "bad macaroni" from the fans, in the latest
installment "RPG King" of Final Fantasy.

Here are some of the comments taken from 2ch.

The whole game is completely linear until halfway through [approximately 20 hours].

There are hardly any towns.

The party is always fixed.

The whole game just repeats the movie-battle sequence over and over
[In fact the progression is closer to movie-run-battle-run-movie-boss-movie-run-battle…].

There are rather a lot of movies.

Moving around is like a long marathon.

The whole game system is just a clone of FF10.

You can’t flee battles [You can’t avoid most battles either as there is no sneaking
past enemies, including weak ones].

Your party is completely healed after each battle.

If the main character in your party dies it is game over [There are only ever 3 characters
in battle, often less, & often fixed].

The best tactic is almost always endlessly attacking.

There is next to no strategy or skill involved.

The summons’ transformation scenes are a joke [i.e. Odin turning into a horse].

The story is rubbish… [Spoilers omitted, but complaints center on Snow’s constant
& cringe inducing insistence that he is a hero and will "protect" whatever it is the
antagonists are menacing this time]

Shopping is only done at "online" shops on save points, with no proper shops to be

However, this doesn’t matter as you hardly ever get any money [& you can never
buy anything more powerful than what you already looted].

There have been next to no changes from the demo.

The status screen displays no real information.

There are only 8 items usable in combat [For that matter, there are hardly any
weapons or accessories, & the "crafting" system mostly consists of spending
drops to upgrade their 2 stats].

There are no levels.

DAMN! Is Final Fantasy XIII really that DAMN! Bad!? Is Square screwing up the series?
Well no matter what these peeps say, "I" am getting the Special Edition & am gonna love
the freak out of it! So says "I" the freaking writer. Just hope that Versus 13 will be

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Kelvin said...

Really tat bad huh?

"I" the writer said...

Wont know unless you tried it, maybe these comments are form "HARDCORE" fans expecting more out of FF13