Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Know your shi+

Well, as they say, a pictures is worth a thousand words,
but if added "funny" descriptions...its worth a zillion laughs!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hentai in Oxford

Yup! Its as true as a politician's scandal! The Oxford University Press has officially
stated that the word "hentai" is added onto the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in
its latest update. DAMN! So congrats to the Japanese! They manage to implant
their culture in a "high-class" English Dictionary. Next time you open up an Oxford
Dictionary, you might bump onto this word:
Pronunciation: /hɛnˈtʌɪ/
noun [mass noun]
a sub-genre of the Japanese genres of manga & anime,
characterized by overtly sexualized characters & sexually
explicit images and plots.
1990s: Japanese, literally 'abnormal, perverted'
Another few words, "otaku" & "hikikomori" was planted in Oxford English Dictionary
not long ago. The Japanese really conquered the world, not by an army but by
their comics & toons. Long live "hentai!".

Monday, 28 March 2011

PWTC's Wedding & Banquet Exhibition

In all me wildest dreams, "I" never imagined that this! is how "I" would spend my
"dreamy" Sunday afternoon! My friend & mate asked, a.k.a "forced" me to tag
along! Why!? Because "I" can give em' some ideas for their wedding stuff, dammn!
"I" am without a G to the F, my plan to get married is as far as astrologist trying to
find next Earth. But! Bingo! You guessed it, "I" ended up roaming a lake like hall of
marriage stuff.

Love was indeed in the air, "I" could practically smell the perfume of every gal that
walked past me. It was definitely intoxicating with, "common hubby, lets get married
now!". The booths were all dressed up, showing off what they got & the booth chicks,
damn! They should be cast as Malaysia's next top Model! As they were explaining to my
friend's girl, he would look at me & say, "dude, not bad ar" & give me a look as if 4 of us
should hang out later. As we were doin' our rounds, "I" noticed that that some of the
Wedding photo albums cost were over the roof!! RM5000 for a bunch of photos to be
taken!? DAMMN!! Forget opening up a game shop, hell! "I" will open up my own wedding
"photo-taking" studio. Who knew that this wedding business thing would bloom up like a
"15 year old girl wanting to loose her virginity to a 30 year old man!"

As the hunters hunt for its meat, my friend was caught in the cross-fire, he & his woman
signed up for a deal that was pretty sweet. He got a lot of "free" stuff at a very low price,
why? Cause the studio wanted them to be the sample for their album. Non the less, the
person was ex"freaking"treamly good at getting you to sign up, she talked as if she could
convince you that the sky was falling. She kept filling my friends bellies with loads of "free"
deals, did "I" mention that she was ex"freaking"treamly good? Well, she was! Both the
to be wedded" couple, signed up.

At that very, "I" could believe my eyes, my friend was actually getting married! DAMN! A
question came up, "J*****, when are you getting married?" & my usual answer, "the day
"I" get married is when the world is split into 2", as serious as "I" was, my friends laughed
like it was 1591...

Another "Ripley's believe it or not" thing, Arabs, coming to PWTC to watch an Arabic concert,
"I" don't know about you? But that's as strange as a Chinese guy goin' in an Indian shop asking
for Mc Nuggets. "I" mean, why come to Malaysia to watch an Arab concert? "I" mean, "I" know
you have your communities & all, but it just feels weird to me bub'. So it was a nice experience,
seeing all those kinda stuff, "I" wonder, when will "I" roam the halls of marriage & will "I" get
caught in the trap of RM5000 for a photo-shoot? Or will "I" just ask my 17 year old cousin to
use his digital camera to take a picture of us? Decisions, decisions, nuff' said!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!