Monday, 2 November 2009

How nice is nice?

Have you ever been a victim of "the nice" attackers?

"They" linger on to you, feeding & draining away your "Benjamin's" & your kindness.
"They" keep you close to their heart only when they really really need something.
"They" who have hundreds of mates but only call you for advise.
"They" try & change who you truly are in order to make them self happy.
"They" make-up broken promises in time of your need.
"They" ignore you only to make accuses for them self's.
"They" want you there, close to them only to push you away when they are with friends.
"They" use you to the MAX! Only to see how far you would go for them.
"They" tease you with soft touches only to want more out of you.
"They" say your their best friend only to brand their trust in your heart.
"They" toy with your emotions only to blind your from the truth.
"They" get close only to make you feel comfortable with them.

So "I" the DAMN! writer says! Enough! This is the last straw! But wait..."I" am a
sucker for helping people or "friends" in need, plus! Does not know the true meaning
of the word called "NO".


Anonymous said...

Your faith in yourself will help you through it.

"I" the writer said...

I hope so, Thanks anonymous fellow!