Wednesday, 18 November 2009

What makes good information design?

This makes as much sense as a kid wanting a McD Happy Meal!

[via Information is Beautiful]

PLUS! Top 10 Traits of a "Carnivorous" Woman
This ranking is based on a survey of 1,156 people (63.8% of which were females),
can be seen below, with participants asked what freakin' traits they associated
with the image of a DAMN! "carnivorous woman":

1. She actively touches men’s bodies
2. She approaches men on her own

3. She doesn’t refuse invitations to come drinking

4. She has plenty of male friends

5. She’ll actively approach a man even if he is with his girlfriend

6. She wears thick eye makeup

7. She likes brand bags

8. She has a broad circle of friends

9. She gets every man’s number when on a group date

10. She is honest in her mails

The survey is from the "land of the raising sun" & was too circumspect to include
traits such as "she has sex with a lot of men", or! This might very well be number
1, although having "lots of male friends" comes close…

- coming to a store near you!

quote of the day!
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack gouged eyes out with candlesticks.
-Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman - Sam Tiler


junsern said...

whoa... i dont understand what your entry is about but i love the stuffs u posted! cool! wish i can collect all of that!

"I" the writer said...

The main entry is about how to make a good design with information in it..The rest is just for fun..Peace dude!