Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fumiko’s Confession

Fumiko’s Confession (Fumiko no Kokuhaku) is an independently produced
short anime. This short is currently enjoying terrific "popularity" on Nico
plus! You "freaking" Tube, see it to understand why...

PLUS! The creator provides some interesting storyboards and concept art on his site.

Bonus! Top 10 Things Men Will Never Understand About Women
Yet another survey from the land of cute Maid-Cafe's. Japanese men & women
were asked about, what it is about women they think men will never understand.
A woman's heart is still a mystery that "I" the DAMN! writer can't solve, Watson.

The ranking:
1. The pleasure they find in gossip.
2. The amount of time they take shopping.
3. The importance they stress in listening to what people are saying.
4. The amount of luggage they have.
5. Their weakness to cold. ("I" knew it!)
6. Their attachment to cute things.
7. The way they have discussions which go on without end.
8. The number of shoes and bags they have.
9. The importance they find in anniversaries.
10. The importance they see in makeup.

quote of the day!
I want the fairy tale.
-Pretty Woman- Vivian

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