Saturday, 14 November 2009

Final Fantasy XIII International Release Date Announced!

Rejoice & be glad my fellow game freaks, Square has finally confirm the release date
of this massive freaking famous RPG for both the PS3 & Xbox360. You gotta give
thanks to Microsoft though, why? Just cause of them, this game has been delayed
several times. SO THANKS X-freaking-BOX!

Check out this release date trailer:

Not only that, it seems that both Japan & America versions have different theme songs:

America version has the diva, Leona Lewis! YEAH! Baby YEAH!

PLUS! "I" the writer will get the Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Slim by year’s end!

Finally! Its confirm! "I" will get my hybrid hands on this baby! Plus! Will be getting
it at retail price! MUAHAHHAHAHHA!!! RM1,500. Can't wait for December 17!


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