Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Creative Bar Codes

My creative juices seem to be runnin' wild today! Lookin' for some designs for my up
coming project, lead me to an unusual concept by the "land of cute maids". Freaking check
out how cool & creative these bar codes are! They are designed by japanese firm
who specialize in designing these unique bar codes. "I" wonder if they can really put this on
a product...

PLUS! Dragon Ball Raging Blast Ultimate's
Yeah, yeah, "I" the writer is a Dragon Ball nerd! For every DB game that comes out,
"I" will watch all the videos on You "freaking" Tube until "I" get so excited to buy the
game. For me, playin' this game is way better then havin' fun in the club! So says "I"
the DAMN! writer. Cant freaking wait for my PS3!


kenwooi said...

the barcodes..
really cool! =D

Kelvin said...

I like the one on waveboarding^^

"I" the writer said...

These are as cool as Obama being the 1st black US President!