Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My Blog's Climax Form!

DAMN! My unsuspected blog has reached its 10K plus of visitors! Many thanks
to all the peeps "slash" forums "slash" websites out there for following "slash" linking
to me WWW. Its almost been 2 years of blogging & "I" the DAMN! writer thinks that
"I" have evolve since the 1st time "I" wrote! OH DAMN!

My 1st post was as awful as a the taste of a baby's puke in your mouth! Still am
a sucky writer though...but! Hope to find my "Final Form" as a writer soon. Wish me
luck on years to come folks! NUFF' SAID!

Bonus! The Best Cosplay Chicks out there!

A freakin' bonus for all the nerds/fan-boys who visited my site! A 10k post
present if you will
, from me to you!

F++K! How damn! freakin' cute is that! DAMN!


kenwooi said...

nice chicks =P


e l d y said...

u always use cute girls as ur content leh ~ hahaha ! tat's why !

+ congraz ~

"I" the writer said...

kenwooi & eldy: Huh, "I" never really notice..guess "I" the writer is a cute girl addict :) Thanks

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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