Monday, 2 November 2009

10-Year-Olds Gang Rape 8-Year-Old Girl in Playground

Awwww how cute, their 1st gang rape together. Aren't they just precious! It would
seem that someone has allowed access to them to watch porn! On broad day light
at an innocent playground turned ugly when 2 10-year-old boys, who has already
been arrested, gang-rape an 8-year-old girl! DAMN!

These 2 boys, both of them standing tall at 10 & said to be best friends, met the girl
& her sister 1 innocent little morning at the playground near their local community
center in London. At 10, & already knows how to pick up chicks! DAMN!

Wanting to "try" something new,
they took the 8-year-old girl, a friend of theirs,
off to a secluded spot & allegedly took turns raping her. WHY!? Why rape at 10?
Do "you" the boys even produce semen!? DAMN!

It is said that the girl did not get hurt (only her mental trauma, "I" suppose) during
the assault. DAMN!

Once the little girl was released, she ran home & told her parents, who alerted police.
The boys were arrested later that day. Can hand cuffs even fit them? DAMN!

It seems that the attack was witnessed by the girl’s 6-year-old sister. Just think what
was in her mind during her sister rape? An innocent mind like that clouded by confusion,
DAMN! Stupid boys!

After being charged, the "so called" innocent boys were released on bail back into
the custody of their parents whilst investigations continue. Yeah, 10-year-old's in jail!
DAMN! They wouldn't even last an hour without access to watch Ben 10.

A local politician expressed his shock! At the incident:

“I have never heard of two ten-year-olds being accused of raping an
eight-year-old girl. It’s just totally shocking.

It’s like the James Bulger case, you can’t believe children of that age
would be capable of something like that.”

Via the Daily Mail.

PLUS! Top 10 Traits of a "Herbivorous" Man
What makes a "herbivorous" man? Yet another survey reveals just what it is Japanese
people think is meant when the media complains of the effeteness of the modern
Japanese male…

This freakin' ranking, based on a sample of over 1,000 men & women,
1. He’s an indoor type.
2. He likes spending time in his room.
3. His voice is quiet.
4. He arranges himself around his girlfriend.
5. He is weak to alcohol.
6. He doesn’t play rough sports.
7. He likes flimsy panties.
8. He’s a good listener.
9. He likes games.
10. He can’t decide what to eat at restaurants.

DAMN! "I" think this is me! DAMN!

quote of the day!
Civilization, that's a noble word, but not enough to keep me rotting here.
-Bwana Devil- Bob


Eric Lee said...

gangrape of 8 year old by 10 year olds??? this is shockingly sad but incredible hilarious at the same time..LOL i'm going to hell might as well laugh

dropping by from BU

Mohd Azhar Ahmad said...

UK kids are not that small compared to the ones we had in Asia. They could even look like 15 year olds when they're a merely 10 years old.

besides, it's UK. The land of the youngest father in the world at age 12. No surprise there really.

Just my experience while living there. Cheers

"I" the writer said...

Eric: Not only you, but after this case. Looks like the whole world is falling from grace!

Azhar: Well just hope that "they" the enforcers prepare hand-cuffs for kids too huh ;)

zool said...

Our society now are danger..
Even in in Malaysia there many cases like that..

"I" the writer said...

At this rate, kids will become parents by the age of 10 or 8 or wat ever age they hit puberty