Thursday, 12 November 2009

Phobia 2 review!

What can "I" say about this movie? Personally this is the best freakin' movie of the
year! It's just ingenious to make 5 horror stories into 1 movie. The horror plots keep
you at the edge of your seats, wanting for more! In some cases this is the 1st ever
Asian horror movie with "I" the DAMN! writer has seen that provides horror & humor
in the storyline. The storyline was great, the acting is awesome & the script is well

"I" loved all the stories in the movie & in all the stories there was 1 moral, karma. What
ever you sew, you will reap. "They" the Thai directors know how to ease the tension of
the audience with its last story. It eases the mood so to speak. It made the whole cinema
laugh & scream at the same freaking time, DAMN! For all the horror fans, "I" believe that
you will surely regret for the rest of your life if you miss to watch it in cinema. The effects
are greater than what you will experience watching it on DVD, the audience also enhance
your goosebumps though...

PLUS! Rachel McAdams is Black Cat In Spider-Man 4?

There is a freaking rumor that Rachel McAdams has met with the producers
of Spider-Man 4 to play the role of Black Cat. Who the hell is that? "You" the
reader may ask, The Black Cat is 1 of many of Spidey's love interest plus! She
also teams up with the web head every once in a while to beat up the baddies.

This female cat burglar has long been rumored to be part of the next installment
of Mr. Raimi’s big screen Spider-Man series, well there has never been any freakin'
confirmation of such.

If this is true, she would likely be one of 2 rivals in the 4th movie. Many peeps
assume that the other villain would be The Lizard. Black Cat would be a good addition
to the film series as she would fit into both Parker’s personal & private superhero storylines.

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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