Thursday, 19 November 2009

Dark Reign - The List: Amazing Spider-Man #1

With Norman's ongoing world domination going as plan, he has to take out some
"trash" along the way.
The Dark Avengers tends to pull the plug on some of Marvel's
beloved heroes, but! Failed most of the way...As they say, if you want something done
right, you gotta do it yourself. The leader of these Dark Avengers steps in the spot light.

Looks like our friendly neighborhood Web-Head is again #1 on the most wanted list.
Spidey's long time nemesis Norman Osborn is targeting him not as the Iron Patriot
but back to his roots as the "original" Green Goblin. This Dark Avenger wants to
settle the score once & for all!

With the after effects of "One More Day", Peter has been dancing around with his
identity remaining a secret from the world & Norman has now lost the emotional
connection between them. What will a Goblin do?
Writer, Dan Slott promises that
this issue will be Peter & Norman's fight to the finish!

PLUS! Fall of the Hulks Teaser
It would seem that the Marvel Universe just hates the Hulk to death! Last year,
"they" the Illuminati sent the Hulk to space & now they want to kill him & his
merry species! DAMN!

quote of the day!
The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout. Down came the Goblin
and took the spider out.

-Spider-Man- Green Goblin

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