Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Men attracted to 40% of Skin Exposure

Yet another "smart" study from bored researchers. This time, its a study on how much
skin needs to be exposed in order to have the best chance of attracting men has found
women who bared some 40% of their flesh to be the most alluring to men.

From the University of Leeds, "they" the brilliant peeps conducted an observational study
around the city’s clubs areas, with researchers discretely recording the level of skin exposed
in each lady’s outfit (this must be the most interesting research of their lives huh), & asking
how many times each lady was approached by a man. The results were, an uncovered
counted for 50% exposure, each arm 10% & each leg 15%! DAMN!

Woman or young lady's, exposing approximately 40% of their body attracted twice as many
men as those dressed more modestly & there "I" thought that fully dressed gals were
awesome! DAMN!

Those exposing more began to attract less. Tight clothing plus! Provocative dancing also
contributed to the effectiveness of this exposure. Its like they are begging for attention!

Who's the smart person responsible for this? Its none other then Dr Colin Hendrie!
He wrote in his journal, Behavior that excessive immodesty may signal unreliability:
"Any more than 40 per cent & the signal changes from "allure" to one indicating general
availability and future infidelity."

So in normal people terms, "girls wearing short, sleeveless dresses stand out the best in
the typical nightclub meat market"
Well of course! Which guy wouldn't fall for that "trick"?
Well, unless your "swinging" on the other side of course...

these results are unlikely to be applicable outside "white people's" nightclubs. "They"
the researchers take no account of the fact that nightclub goers are hardly a representative
sample, or what levels of exposure work in other environments (40% might be rather too kind
for a beach), & doubtless the researchers would be astonished to learn there are cultures
with radically different standards of modesty to that prevalent in U "freaking" K nightclubs.

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