Thursday, 19 November 2009

Left 4 Dead NES

"I" have felt the pleasure of playing Left 4 Dead & loved it! Plus! "I" understand
why the X-Box controller is such that both analog sticks are far from each other.
Its way easier to play First Person Shooters compared to the Play Station.

Here is a
28-year old indie game developer, Eric Ruth’s NES Left 4 Dead is an 8-bit-
style "level down" of the franchise, it only offers 1 or 2 players but will be free for
download January 4, '10. If your that person who loves old school type games,
here's your change to down-grade & enjoy the more simpler life of Left 4 Dead.
Its like taking the
freakin' DeLorean! Here's a preview.

PLUS! Black Rhino Limited Editions

This is so damn! freaking awesome! Hope "they" have it here in Malaysia.
Jason & Batman are at the top of me list, Argh!

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