Thursday, 26 November 2009

Live Wrist Cutter Action!

Look what's cooking up in the land of "Maid Cafes", it would seem that the latest
scandalous NicoNico Douga’s live broadcast system has been put the allowing self-
This is also known as "Shigure," to broadcast her bloody wrist cutting antics
live to a horrified audience. Can this really be that! Freaking interesting to watch?

Can their lives be that horrifying that, these chick are willing to end their "cute" little lives,
live on the WWW?

These gals are being label "cutters" in Japanese, are as much a feature of fringe "young
people" culture as they are in other nations (which is to say they may be far more common
than might be hoped), plus! Just as elsewhere online communities have given them the
chance to form groups supportive of such behavior! These gals must want to be famous
or something or maybe also wants to attract the attention which may be sought by some
self harmers.


Kelvin said...

Oh my, wat is young gals thinking of nowadays?

"I" the writer said...

Now that! Is a mystery that will never be solved my friend ;)

VioletJasal said...

I really dont mind it. I have even tried it myself. It just happened before I even knew the people had a name for it. I dont think that they should be showing something like that online though, its just plain crazy and yes they want attention. lol

me said...

im a cutter and I dont do it for attention! ..have you ver hurt(emmotion hurt) so bad that anything would feel better ...?
cutting can temporarity release that pain ..most cutters are far from proud of what they do ...most hide the cuts if there not trying to take there lifes..I have a full time job as a photographer and i do it !!..
I compare it to someone who like the feeling of a tattoo whenthere feeling down ..what makes that so much different?