Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Top 10 Stuff You’d Look for in a School-girl Girlfriend

Ah! How "I" remember those days, in the early eighteen hundreds, school was a
place where you find your 1st love at sight beyond sight. A place of raging hormones
& the sneaking off to the corridor, just to get a moment alone...Must have been a
dreamland if you were young & naive huh.

In this modern age, school girls are the spot light of every "freaking" guy! Why!?
Cause of those freaking Japanese manga/anime! DAMN! So this time around, the
Japanese guys were asked this! What qualities does a boy look for in a girl classmate?

1. She’s cute (MUST!)
2. She has a cute smile (MUST!)
3. She’s casually kind (MUST!)
4. She doesn’t stand out but on closer inspection has a nice face (MUST!)
5. Her voice is cute (MUST!)
6. She’s stylish
7. She’s meek but will strike up a conversation
8. Her hair is silky
9. Her uniform is always well turned out
10. She exudes a mysterious aura

PLUS! Iron Man 2 - TV Spot #8
30th April! Common!!!

quote of the day!
If you're a bird I'm a bird.
-Young Noah- The Notebook


Kelvin said...

I prefer the teachers whose wearing OL XD

"I" the writer said...

Into "mature" ladies "I" see ;)