Sunday, 25 April 2010


"I" never freakin' imagine that "I" the writer would be doing this on a Saturday!
My most looked forward day of the week, & "I" spend it with nature! Its more
un-"freaking"-believable that "I" agreed to go on this jungle track.

"I" even skipped a date with my wife to go for this trip, "I" had not touch her for
a few days now. How "I" miss holding her & play with her as she keeps me entertained.
My PS3 never lets me down!

Oh! Back to the jungle tracking, the time was 1600 & the sky was getting black as night.
Some of me mates hoped & prayed that god doesn't plan a to water the Earth. There
were a few tiny drops but the heavens decided not to shower the Earth that evening.
Maybe, water shortage in heaven?

Got there, equipped ourselves with anti-mosquito cream & headed to the wildness. It
was all fun & camwhoring at 1st. "I" did do a few shots but not of myself! No! But on
the trees.

Yeah! Yeah, "I" hear you "DSLR" camera folks complaining about the quality,
but this was all my digi-cam could afford to take bub. "I" was amazed on the
types of trees & designs of vines that could crawl from tree to tree. It was
spectacular! 16 of us marched as our leader at the front yelled,
"Walk Faster!
then went on "Careful! Careful!" & girls being girls, yelled "wait for me!"
"I" just walked, having a nice logic mature conversation about work & number plates
with me mate.

Nature is simply a marvelous creation, it seems so peaceful & the aroma is quiet
refreshing. No fragrance of smoke or the Surround Sound, THX noise from a motorbike
ramming by. "I" was quiet relaxed, even though "I" was sweating my ass off. "I" witness
the small incest running as we were coming, as if humans were giants waiting to crush
them & my friend did! "I" said "what did they do to you?" She just smiled...

30 minutes in the jungle & we saw some other "trackers", green shirt team! Greeted them,
& went on our way. People tracking in the woods seem to be quiet nice & friendly.

"I" then saw a most un-speakable evil!

Who in the blue hell would trow paper in the forest!? DAMN! Dont the human dirty
the road & the streets & their houses enough!? Must the jungle be dragged into our
mess as well? DAMN!
Its ok, its ok, "I" am cooled down...

50 minutes into the future, there was some strange noise, it was closer then "I" thought.
It was the frequent complaining from the ladies, "are we there yet?", & being a good
leader, he said 2 more steps, & encourage our lovely girls to keep on going. The track
was muddy & some said "This is my 1st & my last!" & so music came out of no where!
It wasn't from the birds & the bees but! From hand-phones! Thinking, at least "I"
am getting some sort of entertainment for myself as well.

Soon after, hand-phones were silent, then came singing from their mouths, it was quiet
enjoyable hearing them modify lyrics of songs. "I" looked up & saw the sun shining down
on me & thought, wouldn't it be nice to just have a cendol stall here or something? Cause
"I" need a cold freaking drink!

1 hour & 20 minutes, we finally made it out to civilization! Whoop-pe-freaking-doo!
"I" could hear the cheer of the peeps at the back, as if we made it down from a 10
day hike
from Mount Everest. We celebrated with a few snacks & drinks, 100 plus
never tasted so freaking good before! Plus! It would seem that a girl finds it amusing
to see a small boy in red underwear, sexy she says...

Just look at their faces as they survive the horror of the jungle! Isn't it just a
kodak moment, oh! "I" am not in the picture by the way ;) So you can stop
guessing, girls & boys.

Overall, "I" would say, it was enjoyable, just looking back at nature. The calmness
of trees & the wildness just grasps you with its own unique beauty, the sounds
of birds & monkeys really beats Britney's "Hit me baby 1 more time" Nuff Said!


Kelvin said...

I have not been in the arms of mother nature for a long long time...

"I" the writer said...

You should get out & smell the fresh air bub' Its a world of goodness ;)

kRaZy said...

the little paw print is cute ^^

"I" the writer said...

Paw print? You mean a paper stuck to a leaf? ;)