Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr.Toriyama!

The creator of Dragon Ball, a man that spawned & inspired many comics, a teacher
that taught his students to produce great art work, plus! Many other countless series!
Toriyama Akira celebrates his
55th birthday! Here's to another 55 years of poop-on-a
-stick & panty showin' jokes!

Not only that, today marks the 1st Anniversary of the Dragon Ball Kai (return) series
on national T.V. We are only at episode 51 & "rumor" has it, there will be 99 episodes
to the Kai series. Hell! We are at the end of the Freeza arc, so there are many more
arc's to go. Long live Dragon Ball!

quote of the day!
Just because my name is Chi-Chi doesn't mean I'm an idiot.
-Dragon Ball Evolution- Chi-Chi


kRaZy said...

I'm a fan of him! Love all the comics he drew..the characters are cute and the storyline is good such as Dr Slump, Dragonball and Cashman =D

Kelvin said...

Dragonball is the Classic in comics world!

"I" the writer said...

kRaZy:. DAMN! Now your the 2nd gal "I" know that is an Akira-aholic, awesome! Catch his new manga out later this year ;) The strokes are great!

Kel:. As classic as "Mickey on the steamboat" dude

kRaZy said...

lol, he's around my era =P I started reading comic since I'm 8 =x btw, what's the name of his upcoming manga?

"I" the writer said...

Ah! He is in my era ;) That makes me sound damn old...8 huh, "I" think "I" started around that time too, grade 3 right?

His new manga is called Jiya. He will collaborate with Masakazu Katsura, the creator of DNA2 if you know him.

"I" made a post about it a few months back & his 1 shot manga download ;) Enjoy!