Thursday, 15 April 2010

Top 10 Most Appealing Female Uniforms

A chick in a uniform is as appealing to a guy as how girls like to venture into a
hot hunk's arms, all suited up in a fireman's outfit. Here is another survey blasted
out to all those Japanese peeps, in which female uniforms they find most appealing?
As "you" the reader can see, this survey includes pictures, REJOICE!

Too bad school girls are out of the ranking this only covers career chicks...

1| Nurse

2| Cheerleader

3| Waitress

4| Stewardess

5| Maid

6| Miko (priestess)

7| Receptionist

8| Office Lady

9| Elevator Girl

10| Police Woman

PLUS! Black★Rock Shooter coming soon...
This! Finally announced that is giant gun swinging lil chick will be hitting the anime
spot light
this 26th June. So rejoice!

BONUS! Morning Musume vs Linkin Park - Resonant Habit
Another remix with an awesome beat so says "I" the "Morning Musume loving" writer!
"I" have yet to convert this to mp3....

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

Now you see a mask...

Something must have scared the bee blue...

& now you dont see a mask


kRaZy said...

2,3,6 are something that I didn't expect lol. Btw, do receptionists have uniforms? o.O

Kelvin said...

I love OLs and Policwomen^^

kenwooi said...

haha.. those uniforms are attractive as well maybe because they are worn by pretty girls? =P

"I" the writer said...

kRazy:. In Japan, expect the unexpected ;) Well receptionist do have their uniform, its more to an office wear.

Kel:. Sharp eye ;) Both are swimsuit models hahaha

Ken:. Hmm....maybe...

Nicholas C said...

Police WOman and Office girl are HOT!

"I" the writer said...

HAHHA! Looks like you have good Nice eyes for AV starts too ;)