Saturday, 3 April 2010

My Sakae Sushi Life!

DAAMN! Tomorrow is a workin' day for yours truly, its Sakae Sushi's Children day.
"I" have to stand at the entrance & try to get customers to dine in! ME! "I"! DAAMN!
Seriously, this ain't my thing but "I" the "shy boy" writer is forced to do this sort because
sooner or later "I" too will be labeled as a Marketing Executive! Grrr...Hope "I" get at least
5 peeps to dine in!

On the plus side, food testing! The best job ever! Get off work early, rush to the outlet
& try out new dishes for "freaking" free! Most of it was mouth watering! Some we just ok,
but! Now all my colleges know that "I" am a pig! They except me to finish up everything
cause, "I" don't take my lunch & starve myself for this food testing event. Here are some
of dishes you, Sakae Sushi freaks can look forward too in the near future.

PLUS! After a long week, tired, this made me happy! Digital Grade Dragon Dall Kai
Vol.1 gashapon, YEAH BABY! YEAH! The detail is amazing & for only RM60! Its
a freaking steal!


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