Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hideo Kojima's do or die!

The creator, the master, the man behind of 1 of gaming most successful franchise,
Metal Gear! Hideo Kojima has boldly announced that he will freaking "challenge a
certain industry taboo"
& continues to say that he will pack his bags if he screws up.

His statement was delivered by a little birdie call twitter:.
My next project will challenge a certain industry taboo.

If I mess up, maybe I’ll have to leave the industry. But there’s no escaping it –
I can’t pass otherwise.

I’m 47 this year, and it’s been 24 years since I started making games. Today I
found a companion who’ll undertake this risk with pleasure. It’s still only one person,
but it’s a good start.

What could this mean? Does he intend to take Snake to an erotic island? Or will he
make Snake into a girly-man of spy school!? Or even worst! Will he make Snake dive
into the world of romance? There is a freaking huge chance that this wont be the Snake
that we all so love "in a manly" way of course. "I" am guessing that Kojima will get a huge
"nuke of death treats" from fans if this BLOWS!

Well at least there will be his signature freakin' long cut scenes to confine us...

PLUS! What the F++K!
Never knew pre-school could be so whack!

quote of the day!
I don't do drugs, though. Just weed.
-Thurgood Jenkins- Half Baked


Kelvin said...

Taboo? A erotic plus incest 21++ game with large amount of violence?

Thats the worst i can think off lol

"I" the writer said...

Who knows what Mr.Kojima has up his creative sleeve ;)