Sunday, 4 April 2010

How nice is nice? The final frontier!

"I" am what you call a "YES" man, "I" try my level best to help people in need without
complaining or cursing. "I" give it my all so solve a person's problem. "I" am what you
call a "freakin' loyal friend. Even at my work place, 1 manager commented:.

Manager:. How come you are so nice & so calm when we ask you to change a design
over & over? Our other designers are not like that lo.

"I":. "I" don't know, to me it seems useless to get mad or stressed up.
Manager:. Oh...
(sound of silence...)

"I" pick up the dirt & carry on the weight of many people problems, why? Maybe cause
"I" think of myself as a lesser being? Maybe "I" think that people in need of assistance
are worth my time, or maybe "I" just have a soft spot for the word "HELP"

Even my Ex used to try to get me mad just for the fun of it, she would just try her level
best to piss me off. Not once but over & over & over until 1 time "I" burst out in anger &
said to her "Shut the F+++ up you M+++++ F+++++ B++++!" What!? Did she cry?
"You" the reader may question me. NO! She laughed her @$$ off! She said "HAHA! I finally
got you angry" DAAMN!
Even now, she remains as a good friend & "I" am her BFF.

"I" even got a shelling from a few of me friends saying that "I" should not let this new girl
that "I" am currently seeing use me till "I" am broke! Just for the sake of bein' nice & helping
her out. She hasn't returned my money & the stuff "I" borrowed her, not even a call sayin'
that she needs more time to save up to pay me off. 1 of my mates even told me "you should
have "used" her kow kow when you were with her" My reply was "not nice la" His reply "F++K
you la"

This is not the 1st time, but the 3rd! Bein' nice is a good thing but kinda sick of it!

How "I" wish "I" could turn rouge & just go on a killing spree! Killing everybody in sight!
Laughin' away as they drop dead. But! "I" have no guts to do that, being nice is killing
me softly.
With this word, killing me softly...

So now! "I" the writer remains nice...a good boy...that shy guy which will take in all your
emotional stuff. "I" will still try to be as a helpful hand as "I" can.

Why!? Maybe cause its in my "genes" So girl, if your readin' this please pay me back! Return
all my stuff. "I" need it!


Kelvin said...

U should watch a movie by Jim Carrey called the "YES man" lol~
I think tats the title...

Nicholas C said...


"I" the writer said...

@ Kel:. Yes, "I" watched it & it was goood, "I" am YES man in real life bub'

Nic:. Welcome back to the land of the living! Which multiverse where you in?