Saturday, 17 April 2010

Kick Ass is freakin' awesome!

Oh fuck! Kick Ass was everything "I" imagine it would be. The humor was over the roof!
The gore was bloody & hats off to the "Malaysia censorship board" as they did 5% of
censoring through the whole freakin' movie! Hats off to ya' mate!

Director & screenplay writer Matthew Vaughn & writer Mark Millar did a "kick ass" job in
translating these Super Heroes wannabe's from comic to the silver screen. The hype
over this movie was not that great, it was a some what on a low radar. Disappointing
translations was in the air, cough! Daredevil" cough! Fantastic 4" cough! Superman
Returns...BUT! This movie proved all those cunt sucking amateurs wrong! They stayed
freakin' true to the comic, it was as if Kick Ass was made for the movies.

Being 1 of the hottest comic out there, Kick Ass is based on our sucky world, Super
heroes are made for comics & the only time you will ever see 1 in real live, is on Halloween.
What in the blue hell right?
"Why cant there be a true blue super hero? A person fighting crime
& protect the harmless, finding little lost pussy's. We dont have to be bitten by a radioactive
rat or be a freakin' rich girl! Why dont I just go on ebay, buy a suit & run off looking for people
to save"
This was all in a nerd's mind, that nerd was Dave Lizewski a.k.a Kick Ass.

If you a comic book geek like "I", you will venture into shit-loads of comic references.
The combination of DC & Marvel & a lil of Image seems to be endless! "I" will freakin'
have to watch this the 2nd time to catch more Easter eggs.

In Spider-Man, Spider-Man was in the spot light. Iron Man was the star in his movie but
in this movie, Hit Girl grabbed the trophy! She was 1 "bad-mother-fucker", bein' 14 & has
a mouth of a super star psycho rapper, now that's the type of shit that's cool! She possess
skills of a knife that would make a clown puke shit & moves as fast as a Kancil car. Oh! "I"
think "I" am in love too..."I" wished that "I" would have "saved" myself for her...

So in conclusion, go watch this fucking awesome show! You movie goin' freaks! If you
can drag your asses to watch New Moon, why not spend that RM10 for this movie, & no!
Fat boys! Dont spend your parents hard earned RM10 on fat, juicy, sucking pork fried rice!
This maybe you last chance to watch this movie before the almighty Malaysian board
takes it off the air so says "I" the "fucking" writer!


kenwooi said...

i wanna watch kiss ass too! =D

"I" the writer said...

You! have to watch it dude!

Kelvin said...

Lol, why censored? Just make it 16+ is enough. I hate movies tat are censored.

"I" the writer said...

Well in Malaysia, censor is 1 of the "must have's " on every single show...

k0k s3n w4i said...

actually, the comic was written for the movies. i'd nitpick and say they didn't actually stay very true to the comic books, but it's still freaking awesome :)

"I" the writer said...

Oh "i" didnt know that KICK ASS was written fro the movies but! "i" know that they added afew scenes & fighting scequences. Lets see if his "Nemesis" will explode like Kick Ass...