Monday, 26 April 2010

Movies of the Future!

Here's a glimpse of what the future of movies might hold for you movie going freaks!
Enjoy! Oh! If your a girl & reading this, you would probably wanna click "back" on ye
browser. This ain't no girly site with love-comedy or family dramas for your mamas,
just a friendly reminder by yours truly ;)

The Twilight Saga! - Eclipse Official Trailer
Holy mother of kissing vampires Batman!
Looks like this time around, there is
war & the battle ground looks like a copy of "Prince Caspian". Will this be a movie
all around the fight? Or will this just deceive us into watching yet another taboo love

Kamen Rider Chou Den-O Trilogy Trailer
Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider the movie! This trailer is with subtitles
& shows us more whats goona happen between these 3 Riders.

Iron Man 2 features
This Friday! Iron Man 2! Hell Yeah! Take a teaser of what to expect from
Scarlett Johansson's character as Black Widow, & her training for the part.

Not only that! Here's the all mighty Iron Suit Case! Looks like he is getting his ass whooped!

New TMNT's Raph?
Holly crap! If this comes to past, "I" will totally cry myself to sleep!

Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower Teaser
Just saw the 3rd Shippuden movie & the angle distortion of the characters were
If you love these kinda animation, check it out! In his latest movie, the
orange ninja teams up with his father, the 4th Hokage, Namikaze Minato.
Shippuden: The Lost Tower will open in theaters on July 31, '10.

Smaller Budget Movies With Lesser Known Characters Coming From Marvel!? reports that the mighty Marvel Entertainment is looking to do some of
smaller-budget movies with lesser-known characters after it gets through with it's
current string of big-budget Avengers related movies.

The report, reports that
the folks at Marvel are wanting to take characters only
known to hardcore comic book readers like Dr. Strange, Ka-Zar, Luke Cage, Dazzler
& Power Pack,& make good movies only spending something like $25 million as opposed
to the big $100 million like budgets we see used with movies like Iron Man.

Sound like a Marvel want all its characters to get well tuned to the Silver Screen huh.

Rumor! New Look For Thor Movie
According to, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada has
drawn a new costume for the God of Thunder, Thor for a new Hasbro toy-line &
possibly could be the 1st look at the costume Thor will be wearing in the upcoming
movie in May '11.

Mutant Girls Squad Full Trailer
It it just me or are the Japanese film makes out from blood? These kinda movies
seems to be popping out like hot cakes in Japan.

GATCHAMAN the Trailer
Cant wait to see this movie huh!? Well fat hopes dude! The studio that did this closed down!
RIP IMAGI Studios...

quote of the day!
Oh, come on, ladies. God wouldn't have given you maracas if He didn't want you
to shake 'em

-Penny- Dirty Dancing

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