Monday, 19 April 2010

The Man! Spider-Man

During the unforgettable events of Civil War, Peter Parker un-masked himself to the
whole world, relieving that he was the web-head. In justice of supporting his team
mate, Iron Man for a rule, stating all super powered beings should be registered under
the government. In doing so, Parker soon realized that he had exposed himself to his
foes. Now his life was like an open book, no only was he a target, so was his family &

Thus! the woman he loved as his own mother got in the cross fire, Aunt May was
at the verge of death. Peter could no longer stand this unforeseen circumstance
& sought help to reversed time. The Master of Magic, Doctor Strange could not be
of any assistance to his friend's request advised Parker that, the is a way but! The
road leading down this path would be a bad carton of expired milk. Dr. Strange told
the desperate web slinger to seek the help of Mephisto.

In doing so, Mephisto wanted Peter to sacrifice the 1 thing that he loved so dearly in
all all the cosmos! His marriage & love for Mrs. Mary Jane Watson Parker. Thus, their
"1 more day" ended tragically. The life with his soul mate was ended, all in cause of
Peter's secret identity. Not only that, the devil Mephisto later reveled that Peter &
Mary Jane would also have sacrifice another, their un-born child, Mayday Parker AKA
Spider-Girl in Marvel 2.

Presto! In the present day, Peter is unknown as Spider-Man, his aunt is alive & kicking',
Peter's "Brand New Day" was just getting started! No one remember the un-masking of
Peter, not even his Avenger buddies know of his secret identity!

Now! Just exposed like Paris Hilton's porn video, Joe Quesada & Paolo Rivera will reveal
the shocking secrets behind what happened on Peter Parker’s wedding day in "One Moment
in Time."

This arc, will finally fill in the gaps, he truth behind Peter Parker & Mary Jane's cancelled
wedding day & much more?
Be sure to save your pocket money for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN
#637-640, every issue over-sized to fully tell the tale.

PLUS! Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon
There are 2 major super-heroes conquering our T.V sets to date, Batman & Spider-Man.
The 2 major players has been around since the dawn of T.V, live series, cartoon & on
the silver screen, we the human never seem to get enough of them. Why!? Who in the
blue hell knows?

With the recent cancellation of Spectacular Spider-Man in September '09(Which "I"
freakin' loved), Marvel Animation has announced at the MIPTV they will translate Mr.Benis's
Ultimate Spider-Man into a Saturday mornin' toon. This show will be show on a Disney
channel 2011.

We have seen Spider-Man & his amazing friends, Spider-Man, Spider-Man Unlimited
& the latest "death" of Spectacular Spider-Man (Did "I" mention that "I" freaking loved
the series?) So this makes "you" the reader wonder, what makes Ultimate Spider-Man
so DAMN! unique?

Well folks, Ultimate Spider-Man is a love-child by Mr. Brian Michael Bendis'. It was the
very 1st Ultimate line in Marvel Comics 10 years ago. He "decompressed" the storytelling,
starting from the very dawn of Mr.Parker's teenage life. He has re-created the old storyline
for a more modern feel, & has been doin' pretty well so far, the series was relaunched last
year as Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, with David LaFuente heading art duties.

BONUS! Avengers - Earths Mightiest Heroes Trailer
With Disney on their side, this was bound to happen! Cant wait! Hope this
"cartoon" isn't made just for the small puny brats.

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

AH! She is soo freakin' cute that "I" could just eat her!

Kick Ass's new side kick?

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