Monday, 12 April 2010

At the monorail

Rain showered the Earth like a bath time, thunder ruled over the sky. Parked my car
a few meters away from the meeting point. Its been some time, "I" dragged my all
so fragile body to a place where people crowd the area for public transport. Thinkin'
those were the days where "I" did not have a car in my possession.

"I" chose the perfect spot, under the monorail's "ticket selling booth", it was a spot
where "I" can see my target clearly. Then! "I" received a sms, "Dude, I will be a bit
late, sorry" "DAMMIT!" "I" thought.

"What in the blue hell was "I" to do here!?" rage filled my thoughts.

What did "I" do!? "I" waited! Oh, so patiently. "I" looked around, it was a scene "I" rarely
come across. Me! Just standing there in 1 spot, scanning the area for my target to arrive,
even though "I" know it will be late.

"I" saw females dressed like males & males dressed like females, a man ask directions from
a police officer as his wife was tending to their offspring. Some cute younglings trying so
hard to be like adults as they relieved parts that will take a few years to grow, a couple
holding hands, inter racial conversations between friends, rock wannabe star boys & pop

wannabe girls.

"I" thought to myself, DAAMN! This might be better then watchin' a movie. "I" stood still as
a log, people passed by & some gently gave a nice smile while some look at me like "I" was
a piece of show.

As "I" continually stood there, "I" saw other guys scanning a barely dressed white lady from
top to bottom & "I" thought PIGS! Saw hooded girls kissed their family goodbye as they went
on their cross roads, men shook hands with a gentle pat on the back as a sign of hello, men
in blue harassing "poor" foreigners for their "papers" &
some foreigners who looked like their
house was on their shoulder.

The rain stopped, the air began to heat up & so did some girls. Some were dressed like
clubbers with school bags, some were clinging on to their boyfriends as they noticed some
people staring at their almost naked legs & "I" didn't know there were this much cute chicks
riding the monorail.

20mins into the future, that couple with the offspring was back, they were still searching
for their way. "I" guess that cop didn't know his way around after all huh.

Me, almost growing roots beneath me feet of course, "I" didn't move an inch!

"I" witness people running for the bus as if it was their last ride home, pushing others
in their path just to be the 1st to climb up those steps. Some boys with cool leather
jackets hanggin' out at the side of the bar, the pollution of noise infuriates an old woman
& a small girl holding tightly on to her mum's dress scared to get lost in this wild concrete

Suddenly! "Is it you?" "I" looked at that voice & said yes! "I" am the Raging Blast buyer.
With a smile on my face, "I" thought "praise the heavens your finally here!" We exchanged
our stuff & shook hands for a successful transmutation of money & a PS3 game.

In my heart "I" was happy that "I" finally got the item "I" have been waiting to play for a
long time & at the same time, was suppressing happy at the well spent time, having such
a nice view, beautifully relieved to me by this monorail area. END!

PLUS! F.E.A.R. 3 Trailer
The 3rd installment to the series, & looks like someone is joining the family
soon enough.
It would be freakin' awesome if some how this was made into
a movie but! Then turn to movie would probably suck ass! It
would be freakin' awesome though!

Love the tag-line:. Blood runs deep but Fear runs deeper! DAAMN!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!


Kelvin said...

Lol, u are so dramatic^^

"I" the writer said...

HA-HA! But! Isn't that how all story tellers tell their tales ;)

kRaZy said...

Like I said b4, love your writing style <3 and assuming that you are at the kl sentral monorail station, i wonder how you withstand the bad air condition with smokes from buses and all =x

Btw, figurine #4 and #5 is so cuteee!!

"I" the writer said...

This early & "I" already get words of praise, thank you soooo much! ;)

Bingo! Well,The smoke & the bad "smokin'" air was kinda annoying but just my game, "I" am ready to withstand the pain ;)

Hehehe, just wait for them to be in color ;) Collect figures as well?

kRaZy said...

I tell the truth and nothing but the truth ;P

Hmm nope, I don't collect figures =x

"I" the writer said...

The truth has made me the happiest dude today ;) Thanks again ;) You made my day