Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Movies of the Future!

Its that time of month again! No! "I" am not having my PMS! & No! "I" am not having
my tonsils removed! No! "I" am not planing to try to jump off KLCC head 1st! No! "I"
am not getting a hair cut! Its UnlimitedSpot's signature! Movies of the "freakin" future!
Enjoy yourself!

Iron Man 2: International Release Dates
Behold Stark nerds around the globe, the wait it over! That dude in the Iron
suit will be hitting our Silver Screen sooner that we think.

& just to add salt to injury, here are more pictures of Iron Man 2 released by
the almighty Paramount.

The Director is Stark's lackey?

Resident Evil: Afterlife
The trailer is finally out! The action more intense & its in freakin' 3D!

Kamen Rider Cho Den O Trilogy Trailer
The 1st of many many teasers to come, so don't climax yet!

Captain America will not lead the Avengers?
MTV caught up with Chris Evans, the man who will be our true American hero.
Mr.Evans expressed his thought on his role as Steve Rogers at
the WonderCon
convention in San Francisco.

"I don't know if they're going to make him the boss," Evans said of Cap's role in
"The Avengers."

"His character... He's a good guy," he added.

Presented with the notion of his character leading Marvel's team of superheroes that
includes Iron Man and Thor (among others), Evans seemed a bit uncertain that Cap
will be the boss when Earth's Mightiest Heroes take the screen.

"Does he [run the show]?" asked Evans. "I don't think anybody tells Downey what to
do, and that's what makes [him] Downey."

So the conclusion is, Mr.Evan has yet to try Cap's red,white & blue costume or the shield.

Splice Trailer
Human cloning gone wrong, didn't anyone warn them about this? Humans!
They never do learn huh?

Kick-Ass clip
DAMN! Its coming out in the U.S on the 16th! Here!? No freakin' news! F++K!

The Expendables Trailer
Here are several A-List bad asses, jam packed into a action packed movie!

Mother and Child Trailer
"I" want a baby too!

PLUS! High School of the Dead Trailer
What makes this different! Well its an Anime bub'. This horror manga series will finally be
transformed into an anime series so get ready for some gore panty showin' action!


Kelvin said...

Why no release date for SG~

"I" the writer said...

Same as Malaysia dude, Maybe we fall under the same category as Thailand?